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FoC/Classics Spinister

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Old 01-27-2013, 10:36 AM   #1
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FoC/Classics Spinister

My take on Spinister, that's now residing on my Classicsverse shelves. Only a few minor mods have been done; added a forehead crest from a thin piece of styrene and modded the rotor section to rotate onto the back with a screw, a couple of pieces of styrene and some greenstuff to bulk it up.

There's a couple of rub spots, and some of the paint peeled from the black plastic on the chest, but that gives him a bit of a battleworm appearance.

FoC/Classics Spinister-spinister-bot-4-768x1024-.jpg

FoC/Classics Spinister-spinister-alt-3-1024x768-.jpg
Attached Thumbnails
FoC/Classics Spinister-spinister-bot-1-768x1024-.jpg   FoC/Classics Spinister-spinister-bot-2-1024x768-.jpg   FoC/Classics Spinister-spinister-bot-3-768x1024-.jpg   FoC/Classics Spinister-spinister-bot-4-768x1024-.jpg   FoC/Classics Spinister-spinister-bot-5-768x1024-.jpg  

FoC/Classics Spinister-spinister-alt-1-1024x768-.jpg   FoC/Classics Spinister-spinister-alt-2-1024x768-.jpg   FoC/Classics Spinister-spinister-alt-3-1024x768-.jpg   FoC/Classics Spinister-spinister-alt-4-1024x768-.jpg   FoC/Classics Spinister-spinister-alt-5-1024x768-.jpg  

FoC/Classics Spinister-spinister-alt-6-1024x768-.jpg   FoC/Classics Spinister-spinister-alt-7-1024x768-.jpg  
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Nice deco!
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Love Spinister!
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I thought it was the original G1 Spinister at first...Sweet!!

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heroic decepticon
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I was waiting for someone to try this, now i know it works super well!
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I like it.
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I STILL have not seen vortex nor ANY other combaticons in a single store yet.How do I get these. Dammit I wish I lived in Japan!
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That's an awesome custom.

If only he'll stop shooting at fires....

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Cuteness and evil rolled into one, kinda like dinodigger
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That's almost as scary as Dinodigger. Almost.
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Wow, that's pretty much spot on. I never realized how perfect that mold is for an update of this character!
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Looking good!!! You have any plans for an FoC Quake or Needlenose?

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