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View Poll Results: What are your thoughts on how to release this kit?
Get Shapeways done by Spring. Painting req'd, but it will be quickly available for all 5 FOC molds 31 17.61%
Take up to 1 year to design & release via 3rd party. I can WAIT so I don't have to PAINT. 81 46.02%
Do both Shapeways (release soon) and 3rd party. (KO's will likely happen but I want the original) 61 34.66%
I just want SOMETHING to fix my Bruticus--a low-priced knockoff is all I need 3 1.70%
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Shapeways: FOC Bruticus upgrade kit (more game-accurate)

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Old 01-26-2013, 05:36 PM   #1
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Shapeways: FOC Bruticus upgrade kit (more game-accurate)

**Here's a Video describing the parts:**

Hi Everyone,

My official decision is that I am going to do my best to bring this to market via mass production instead of Shapeways. This was by no means an easy decision...hence the long period without updates.

All of you have been tremendously supportive of my efforts and have contributed greatly to my understanding of what to do here.

Here are my 'top 3' reasons why I am working towards mass production.

1. Quality. It will simply be the best possible way to enjoy the kit--in quality plastic, crisply molded with factory paint applications and carefully matched color in a nice retail box.
2. Reach. Simply put, more people can enjoy the kit this way because it will be a great price and accessible from many online retail stores.
3. Design. I believe that in the transition to mass production, the kit will go through yet another redesign that will make it even better. I've already started to explore 'mold ready' designs, and some parts will evolve to be 2-sided, while others will receive additional detail and scuplting -- all the while preserving the fundamental proportions and scuplting you have all helped to shape

This will be a journey for me. Although we all enjoy these products on a daily basis, much blood, sweat and tears go into every collectible we buy--and this kit will be no exception. I have brought in a very good friend of mine who has supported my work for many years and together we are already in the process of talking to the industry.

We have goals for this kit:

-top-notch quality
-fair pricing
-good time to market

Balancing these goals will be the challenge. But we're up for it!

We will do our best to share progress which updates and announcements. They will likely not be as frequent as the Radicons/Shapeways projects simply because this kind of work takes more time.

We will also start to transition to the third party thread. (Only Shapeways updates will be posted here)

Lastly: expect continued Radicons/Shapeways projects from the Echotransformer group. I am already working on a few cool surprises that fit best in the Shapeways method, so stay tuned.

Again, thanks for all the support--there are many more great things to come. With that, I'll leave you with an updated picture.



Our goal is to release the kit for ALL the FOC Bruticus paint jobs, eventually. At this time we are not certain of which one is first, cost, date...sorry...but obviously:

-SDCC Bruticus
-standard mainline FOC Bruticus (aka Fruiticus)
-G2 BBTS Exclusive Bruticus
-Takara metallic paint Bruticus

At this time, there are no concrete plans for the Wreckers Ruination Bruticus; however, we are considering a Shapeways kit should this project be successful.


Original Project Introduction:

After several months modifying Hercules, Hegemon and Predaking, I decided to turn my attention to FOC Bruticus. I was inspired by much of the Radicons work on the forums, and in this case wanted to make a Shapeways kit with hopes of making it available to everyone. (Update--as you can tell by my new message, the plan is now to aim for mass production)

Believe me: This figure has HUGE potential!

Okay, here's the progress thus far:

I started as always, with reference images, photos and good old fashioned pencil sketches:

This inspirational phase was definitely generating confidence that this could pulled off.

Next up, I built a LEGO mockup, just to guage proportions, attachment points, etc.

At this point my confidence was good enough to begin the tedious process of CAD. 40-50 hours later, after hundreds of measurements and thousands of model features, the parts began to take shape:

From top left: Backplate mount for Onslaught, Hand mount for Blastoff, Hand mount for Vortex, Sheild extension for Blastoff and Fin extension for Vortex.

From top left: Brawl foot and Swindle foot (with articulated toes); Brawl knee extension, Onslaught chest shelds (2 days modelling those bad-boys) and fists (not articulated)

First the little plate at the back of Onslaught--this fills in his back, allows you to mount the cannon on his back facing forward AND yes those are the three buttons that disable him (couldn't resist the G1 homage )

**NEW--Here are pictures of how Blastoff arm's an extension/plate that his fist plugs into...**

Kit installed:

For a side-by-side comparison:

I wanted to give purpose to the parts, so I have started making a trailer for Onslaught. You can see the feet, fists, etc. installed. You can install a big gun in Blastoff's chest sheild

**Actual mockups and details after the jump**
Attached Thumbnails
Shapeways: FOC Bruticus upgrade kit (more game-accurate)-trio_shot_smaller.jpg  

Shapeways Store: -
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Old 01-26-2013, 05:37 PM   #2
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**Update, check out my new video here:**

NOTE: The kit is intended for ALL FOC Bruticus molds: SDCC, Mainline, G2 BBTS Exclusive and Takara. Because this is Shapeways, parts will arrive white/polished so painting will be required. I'm sure there are a few people who will comission painted versions on the boards. Sorry guys, I'd love to offer these in color, but Shapeways doesn't offer that

NOTE: I do not know the price at this time. I am doing everything I can to make the parts as cost-effective as possible.

ADDITIONAL NOTE#1: I do not have a release date at this time. I'm a single guy working on this and have a more than full-time job. I work on it often in my spare time. I really want this done by late Spring 2013...I'll keep pushing hard...please be patient...

ADDITIONAL NOTE #2: If the sales of this kit go well, I am willing to work on a Ruination kit. That project will require many new parts to be designed and will be very costly, so the demand has to be there in order for me to able to afford to create it.

ADDITIONAL NOTE #3: I will be offering 'sub-kits' so you can buy just the hands, feet, wing, mini-Shockwave, etc. Note that these kits won't have the volume discount offered by Shapeways, so "The Full Monty" will be the best value...but for those on a budget or just want some key pieces (you'd be amazed at what just the hands do) this will be a great choice!

Here are some shots of the "Alpha 1" prototypes:

Original prototypes (wide crotch cover, unpainted)

Closeup of the feet

Trailer with parts

BIG BACK GUN--as many of you (and myself) were dissatisfied with Bruticus' back gun, I made a new beefier one (digital mockup)

FLATTER WING:--after much feedback and consideration, I decided to mockup a flatter wing


How the colors were matched:Shapeways: FOC Bruticus upgrade kit (more game-accurate)

UPDATE March 17th, 2013

Major CAD update. I'm redesigned all parts to combine together and make a trailer WITHOUT needing a frame. All parts get used in both Gestalt and trailer mode. I'll be testing parts in individual Robot modes as well. All parts don't have to be in this exact configuration; for example, you don't have to put the big wing under the trailer. Only the two feet, wheel mounts, and front attachment are needed to make a working trailer.

MAJOR UPDATE: Alpha 2 parts arrived and painted

I decided to paint up the 2 sets differently, one to match the G2 BBTS Exclusive and the other to match SDCC Bruticus. Enjoy...

Shapeways Store: -
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Wow! I want one!
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Old 01-26-2013, 05:45 PM   #4
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the feet look awesome! will they be a separate set? cause i'm looking into making articulated hands for him on shapeways and i'd love to have those feet add-ons

EDIT: might i also suggest a heel add-on for Swindle?

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Old 01-26-2013, 05:50 PM   #5
Apo Bakunawa
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So that's what's missing: shoulder covers and slippers. Covering the shoulders. Genius!

Love the bulk.
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Old 01-26-2013, 05:53 PM   #6
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Beautiful, really bulks him up in a good way. Love the toe extensions.
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Awesome progress so far! I look forward to the final project. I was hoping to see a 3rd Party set of this sort but of course, shapeways might work better since I have the G2 version to sit next to my Colossus.

From the looks of it there is still the basic trailer bed left over after beef-up, right? My big suggestion would be to redesign the back area to be the trailer folded in half so there is no left over alt-mode kibble. G1/G2 Bruticus even had a pair of wheels on his backpack so that would be even more of a G1 homage.

Smaller suggestions would be to make the chest shield wings be able to fold up, so so the shield can be stored on the trailer as sort of a brace/launching guide for Blast Off.

Great work! I look forward to the prototypes.

Homemade superior, store-bought inferior.
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Old 01-26-2013, 07:07 PM   #9
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SOLD Put me down for one once you have it done, please ?
I got me the team for my own Xmas gift and was so let down once I put them together.
You have done something her sir I have been waiting for someone to do.
Great work, top notch idea and look.
If I also might give a suggestion about the trailer ?
Maybe make it so parts come off to make Onslaught have arms not Mister Burns arms . Nothing fancy just something that clips in his hands and makes him looking to do some damage and not just yell " Swindle release the dogs " .
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Old 01-26-2013, 08:12 PM   #10
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im down for one if you make one for g2 or retails. great work.
have you thought of the cannon he uses in the game?
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