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Insecticon Infest

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Insecticon Infest

Infest is another original Insecticon I came up with.

She is skilled in both small arms and bladed weaponry. Her extra arms give her an advantage being able to focus on enemies at a distance and up close. Like most Insecticons she can produce copies of herself, but unlike them if her original body is destroyed her spark can traverse to the nearest copy thus making it "Infest Prime". Along with her body transition her body produce and acidic toxin making for a defense that keep enemy hands off of her and most of the other Decepticons.

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Wow, she's appropriately hideous.

True story. Back in the '90s a good friend of mine actually created an Insecticon cockroach character at one of the old online Transformers MUSH sites, also named "Infest". Not a fembot though.


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I like how you made the wing pattern. Thumbprint?
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Very creative, beautiful paint as always.
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Not good at archery.
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Balljoints galore.

What's the base figure, anyways? Or is it all from scratch?
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Ummm.. What's with the pointy elf boots?
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I love how you used the Mega Bloks Spiker as her weapons

Good on you
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I'll pay you $100 just for thinking of something so awesome.
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He who is he maybe.
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It looks real nice.

i forgot what these where called, there was a wasp, this and two others. i really want to buy some but i can't for the life of me remember what they where called.
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