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FOC Onslaught Upgrade Kit (Shapeways)

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FOC Onslaught Upgrade Kit (Shapeways)

FOC Onslaught Upgrade Kit

Update 02-05-13: Hinge Blaster (v1.5) available separately

I have released the newest version of the Hinge Blaster separately on Shapeways. For those who have the original kit, the new blaster is optional. The new design was made to be more durable, but the original model is still more than durable enough to function as intended.

As has been the case since the 24th of May, all FOC Onslaught Upgrade Kits are currently produced with the new Hinge Blaster design.

The new Hinge Blaster is available separately here:

Purchase the Hinge Blaster (v1.5) on Shapeways

Thanks for the continued support with this kit everyone!

Update 24/03/13: Hinge Blaster v1.5

  • New Hinge Blaster barrel design
  • Increased diameter for increased strength

Thanks to everyone for the feedback on this kit!

The Hinge Blaster has been redesigned and features a new barrel, to allow it to function better as a hinge in Onslaught's vehicle mode.

Purchase the FOC Onslaught Upgrade Kit v1.5 on Shapeways

FOC Onslaught Upgrade Kit v1.5 Photobucket Gallery

FOC Onslaught Upgrade Kit v1.5 Facebook Album


A common problem with FOC Onslaught is for the green blaster he comes packaged with to get stressed. The connections on his vehicle mode (to his arm) force the plastic further than it can take. That, and let's face it:

Onslaught isn't Onslaught without twin huge cannons!

The FOC Onslaught Upgrade Kit provides fixes to both these issues. A new Hinge Blaster and two Hinges relieve plastic stress with a new attachment point while Twin Cannons provide the firepower and silhouette Onslaught deserves.

In robot mode, Onslaught gets a new pistol and two shoulder-mounted cannons, surprisingly not from Swindle!

Twin Cannons mount on Onslaught using the combiner ports on his shoulders. They can also be handheld using the 5mm pegs.

FOC Onslaught Upgrade Kit on Shapeways

Onslaught transforms into Combiner Torso mode, keeping both hinges on him. The Twin Cannons stack with his green blaster on his back for more firepower, and even the Hinge Blaster stows on the back!

Purchase the FOC Onslaught Upgrade Kit v1.5 on Shapeways

But, why is it called a Hinge Blaster? And why the two superfluous Hinges on Onslaught's legs?

In Vehicle Mode, Onslaught takes his new Hinge Blaster and turns it into a new attachment point for the green blaster!

The 5mm peg hole lets the green blaster attach to the back, right between the Hinges! No more stressed plastic, no more attaching to those two fiddly pages on his arms.

(And yes, other 5mm weapons can be attached as well)

Purchase the FOC Onslaught Upgrade Kit v1.5 on Shapeways

And in the spirit of Hinge Blasters everywhere, Onslaught finally doesn't aim downwards anymore! Unlike the original connection, which left the gun pointing at the ground, the new connection lets Onslaught aim up, up, up!

Purchase the FOC Onslaught Upgrade Kit v1.5 on Shapeways

The Hinge rotates through 360 degrees itself, only blocked by the vehicle itself and the ground, so Onslaught can aim all the way back at cars behind him if he wants.

When it comes to war, though, more weapons is always better! Arm Onslaught with his full complement of weapons and roll into battle!

Onslaught's Twin Cannons plug into the 5mm holes on the hinge pieces, above the Hinge Blaster. Other 5mm weapons can be attached here as well.

Purchase the FOC Onslaught Upgrade Kit v1.5 on Shapeways

-Treadshot A1
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FOC Onslaught Upgrade Kit (Shapeways)-build-hinge-blaster-v1.5.jpg  

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This works so well. Just wish i had onslaught to get it for.
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Me like! As if I didn't have enough stuff on my shapeways want list already. Great looking pieces there.
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I like these! the backpack further back really makes onslaughts alt mode much better
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Wow man it's been really cool to see your skill develop over time
This might be my first purchase from your store
Job well done

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great work i like the engineering you put into this
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Very nicely done, this is a very cleverly designed kit!

The parts are all very aesthetically pleasing too.

Great job!

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Nice add-on. I like it.

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Looks GREAT!!! Also looks like the Shapeways site is not loading right at the moment though. But great job.
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whoa.... you are incredible!
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