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FOC Optimus Prime and his armor

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FOC Optimus Prime and his trailer-armor

Hello all! This is my first post - FOC Optimus Prime and his Armor.

This is a quick proof for an idea that Galaxy Force First Gunner can be used as trailer and body/limbs for Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus of smaller size. The trailer in vehicle mode and the limbs in combined robot mode are arms and legs of First Gunner. The head in combined robot mode is from a Prime Bust in K-T Figure Collection (this is the only right-sized OP head I have). Prime is connected to the trailer and the limbs by using the weapon sockets available in the two toys. This armor has a long way to go and below are the further steps I can think of at the moment:
a) a pair of knees so the combined robot mode can stand on his own
b) a pair of Prime-like foots/shoes
c) a better Prime head for the combined robot mode
d) a FOC Ultra Magnus which may better suit the color of the trailer
e) a Ultra Magnus head for the combined robot mode
(however, with the last two points this OP plus Armor will turn into Ultra Magnus)

Appreciate your time! All comments, ideas and suggestions are welcomed

* First progress update on post #66
* Second progress update on post #75
* Third progress update on post #85
* Fourth progress update - photo of WIP dual barrel shoulder cannon #110
* Questions answered with head size comparison and more info on neck part #112

FOC Optimus Prime and his armor-img_4298-20-.jpgFOC Optimus Prime and his armor-img_4311-20-.jpgFOC Optimus Prime and his armor-img_4300-20-.jpgFOC Optimus Prime and his armor-img_4314-20-.jpg
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FOC Optimus Prime and his armor-img_2303-resized-tfw2005-.jpg  

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Genus time!
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This is pretty cool! below for the T4mercustomz: Shatered glass giveaway! TO WIN MURDERBEE!
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Bad ASS!
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That vehicle mode connection has a transformers Zone vibe to it. I like it!
want: Gen G2 Vortex, Predaking Mane & CD Thighs
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Wow this is very cool. I don't have First Gunner, so I'm not perfectly sure how it works. In combined robot mode, do you have to take First Gunner apart? Can that be done without breaking him?
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Well that is interestng
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that's amazing
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I have U.S. equivalent CD red alert. Was gonna use his arms for my shockwave until I stumbled on a good deal foe cybertron scattershot. Now I have this figure free...I'll give this a whirl. Thanks for the idea.

Awesome job btw. U planning on painting hI'm?
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