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Who wants a Robot Heroes Laserbeak!?

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Old 11-29-2012, 01:42 AM   #1
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Who wants a Robot Heroes Laserbeak!?

I've had this little guy in my "wanted" thread for ages. I have soundwave, a custom soundblaster, ravage, frenzy and a custom rumble...but no laserbeak or buzzsaw...I finally accepted that it was never going to happen so I decided to do it my way. I spent a few hours tonight putting this together so I can "print" two of them out and paint them up as LB and BZ.

Also, if anyone has any requests for future projects, please let me know!

Update! - 01/03/13

I decided to give the full color printing process a go on Shapeways, so we've got two versions here. I altered the sculpt of buzzsaw enough so that he wasn't in the exact same pose as Laserbeak. I also made the faction badge areas bigger so that the Decepticon symbol would fit better.

Painted WSF and Full Detail prints:

Sneak peek! - Look who else is lurking in the background

Here are some pics of LB in both materials. I'm currently waiting on some paint from gamesworkshop before I finish them up.

These came out perfect and they balance without any rocking and are completely stable.


Here is the final model submitted to Shapeways!

I just bought 2 to check out different materials, but if you want one of your own please click the Commissioner listing link in my signature. Thanks for your support!

Old Model:
Attached Thumbnails
Who wants a Robot Heroes Laserbeak!?-lb_01.jpg  
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hell yes!
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This is so awesome. I don't collect RH but I kind of dig this guy and your model is impeccable!
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working working working
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hi haters
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Holy wow! You know Shapeways can do things full-color with the Sandstone material, right? It might be more user-friendly to just go ahead and color up as many different Evil Cassette Robot Birds as you like and offer them that way...

(Offhand, you've got Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Sundor, and Garboil, plus their SG versions...)
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Originally Posted by Autobot City Comics 2008 View Post
shut your brony mouth
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Awesome. I really wanted that Prowl too, and the RiD set.

I miss Robot Heroes.
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Old 11-29-2012, 10:05 AM   #9
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I'd love one!!
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the proportions of the head and expresion from your version is a little different but still really cool
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