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classics scraplet infected goldbug

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Old 11-12-2012, 10:00 PM   #1
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classics scraplet infected goldbug

i was shooting for a updated version of the original marvel version,and before someone mentions it,i know,he was a vintage beetle still when the space freighter crashed on earth ,covered in scraplets.
i wanted to also make a mini charlie fong to sit in there but couldn't find a tiny enough figure to fit into the half seats on this mold.i did however manage to make a uber tiny arse version of g1 blaster in his alt mode from styrene,vinyl and some very painstaking tiny paint apps.he's hidden in gb's chest cavity and doesn't affect transformation in any way except filling up a tiny flat void space in alt mode,just behind the seats.
the main body started out as classics cliffjumper,and the scraplets all over him are actual tiny machine screws,tiny gears,etc,all real life fasteners.he even has a tiny steel nylock nut melted into and through his roof/back.
the rust and eaten away and cracked sections were all achieved with a pencil torch and a tiny flathead screwdriver.
the new noggin was expertly made and kindly donated to the cause by local member jourdo(you rock mang!!!)
the water tank on his back is salvaged from a loonie store tanker truck,nice and hollow so it's light and not back heavy at all.
it attaches with two strong magnets.the hose to his water cannon is taken from a playskool firehall playset.the water cannon itself comes from animated voyager prime,and it still retains the ability to hold and squirt real water.i went for a darker shade of gold/copper for him trying to convey more of a rustic look.i'm still debating whether or not to hit him in small areas with bright gold just to try to break up the copperness of his alt mode.
the water tank can attach to him in alt mode and his gun can be jammed into his driver side window opening.

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classics scraplet infected goldbug-classics-scraplet-infected-goldbug-002.jpg   classics scraplet infected goldbug-classics-scraplet-infected-goldbug-001.jpg   classics scraplet infected goldbug-classics-scraplet-infected-goldbug-003.jpg   classics scraplet infected goldbug-classics-scraplet-infected-goldbug-004.jpg   classics scraplet infected goldbug-classics-scraplet-infected-goldbug-005.jpg  

classics scraplet infected goldbug-classics-scraplet-infected-goldbug-006.jpg   classics scraplet infected goldbug-classics-scraplet-infected-goldbug-007.jpg   classics scraplet infected goldbug-classics-scraplet-infected-goldbug-008.jpg   classics scraplet infected goldbug-classics-scraplet-infected-goldbug-009.jpg   classics scraplet infected goldbug-classics-scraplet-infected-goldbug-010.jpg  

classics scraplet infected goldbug-classics-scraplet-infected-goldbug-011.jpg   classics scraplet infected goldbug-classics-scraplet-infected-goldbug-012.jpg   classics scraplet infected goldbug-classics-scraplet-infected-goldbug-013.jpg  
now open for commissions,minor to major,big or small,you dream it i make it.
pm me if interested or you have something in mind;)
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wait, let me get this straight, you melted actual metal bits onto him?
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Old 11-12-2012, 10:09 PM   #3
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That looks really good! Probably would skip on the screws etc on the body but that's me. Certainly gives it a good effect.
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Originally Posted by iconbot View Post
That looks really good! Probably would skip on the screws etc on the body but that's me. Certainly gives it a good effect.
Well Scraplets are supposed to look like
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Wow this is insane! Now thats some damage/wearing effects haha!! Awesome job man! I LOVE THE MINI BLASTER in the chest, that is soo sick dude!!

Can you paint the hose? its a little distracting.
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Old 11-13-2012, 01:17 AM   #6
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Oh thats just mind blowing! Well executed!
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Amazing work!
Logic dictates.

Originally Posted by MACRAPTRON View Post
Gents, sit back and relax as you watch the rise of another awesome brazilian artist.
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This is brilliant! Best rust/damage effect EVER!
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Genus time!
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Awesome! below for the T4mercustomz: Shatered glass giveaway! TO WIN MURDERBEE!
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