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Transformers Prime Rumble

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Old 09-21-2012, 06:52 PM   #1
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Transformers Prime Rumble

One of the best deluxe figures from the TF prime line, I wanted to make the blue a bit more pronounced and darker with silver apps instead of the stock black on the robotic areas and weapons for a cool contrast, added an R on the hood for a little more personality and a pic of of him next to his bro in alt mode (more pics coming soon),I have to say you gotta love that menacing chest face! LOL Hope you all like!

DSC02591 by Strorm.Bringer85, on Flickr

DSC02387 by Strorm.Bringer85, on Flickr

DSC02521 by Strorm.Bringer85, on Flickr

DSC02398 by Strorm.Bringer85, on Flickr

DSC02590 by Strorm.Bringer85, on Flickr

DSC02554 by Strorm.Bringer85, on Flickr

DSC02404 by Strorm.Bringer85, on Flickr

DSC02529 by Strorm.Bringer85, on Flickr

DSC02298 by Strorm.Bringer85, on Flickr

DSC02610 by Strorm.Bringer85, on Flickr
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Transformers Prime Rumble-dsc02590.jpg  
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That's really awesome looking.
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Frenzy was the blue one...Rumble was red.. looks great. Love the shine!!
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Old 09-21-2012, 07:24 PM   #4
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Looks great. I wonder if he'll be show character.

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Originally Posted by madhatprime View Post
Frenzy was the blue one...Rumble was red.. looks great. Love the shine!!
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dude! been a while love it!!/Leobreaker1977Customs
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Oooh, I want him now. Two, in fact!
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0/10 Frenzy is supposed to be the blue one. Horrible custom.

Kidding, looks great. The R and F is a good touch. Makes me want a Frenzy toy.
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Wow vey nice repaint Storm. If only Hasbro did this themselves it would make the fifteen dollar price tag worth it.
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What?! Rumble's blue?! Boo! Zero stars! Hasbro should make him red from the beginning if they really cared!
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