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TF: Prime deluxe RID Cliffjumper blasters (Shapeways)

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TF: Prime deluxe RID Cliffjumper blasters (Shapeways)

TF: Prime Cliffjumper blasters
Version 2.0
Update June 18, 2012

This is a pair of blasters for TF: Prime RID Cliffjumper! I know everybody is sore that the stock figure
does not come with his distinctive, awesome looking tri-barrelled blasters.
This is something to help ease the pain!

Edit: I would be remiss if I did not mention knyghtmare2021 of helped me test out
the first set of blasters and provided invaluable feedback. Thanks man!

These blasters were made public a few weeks ago, but it is only now I managed to snap a few pictures of them.
(Also, because I didn't have an RID Cliff to pose them with until I found one on discount. Whoopie!)

Your mileage may vary with the handle tightness. The blasters were loose
on the right hand of my figure, but were fine on the left, so I suspect
the problem is with the figure itself. Line the loose fist with super glue; it helps tighten the grip.

Comparison shot.

RID Cliff's arms are really too long for a blaster design like this, but it looks pretty good
once you get used to it. And yes, FE Cliffjumper can also use these blasters
(and he looks awesome with them) but why would you do that?

Alt mode. know what? I would rather have Hasbro give Cliff a second peg hole
on the left side of his figure than on his roof. Or maybe have all three in.
At least you can mount the blasters on both sides and have them symmetrical.
Well, you work with what you have, I guess.

Comments, critique much appreciated!! Hope you guys like the pretty pictures!

- Ariel

Cliffjumper gets his impressive arsenal from:
TF: Prime Cliffjumper blasters on Shapeways

Flickr is here.

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another killer set ariel!/Leobreaker1977Customs
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Amazing. Does shapeways have colored plastic?
Originally Posted by Monty Oum ‏@montyoum
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That's a great design, and works well with the figure. I'm glad you made it long enough to peg into the alt mode as well.

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Originally Posted by Wrecker217 View Post
Amazing. Does shapeways have colored plastic?
I think it's that and maybe some clear plastic.

Originally Posted by SG hailstorm View Post
Cuteness and evil rolled into one, kinda like dinodigger
Originally Posted by agentSAP2006 View Post
That's almost as scary as Dinodigger. Almost.
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I'll be late for that
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Your set is great, it's just to good for the toy, sorry. Thats just such a bleh mold

Originally Posted by Haloid1177 View Post
Yeah well if you had a penguin suit it would have gone better everything's better with a penguin suit...
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Originally Posted by Wrecker217 View Post
Amazing. Does shapeways have colored plastic?
They have white, black, red, and purple in the "WSF" type plastic. Black and White in the "Detail" plastic, and for any of the high detail plastics you have to settle for clear or frosted. To change the color/detail/and plastic type click on the drop down box just above the "add to cart" button.

Its alright though, shapeways plastic is extremely easy to dye using ordinary clothing dye "RIT Dye". I believe there is some tutorials on how to do it on here.
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Also it takes paint just fine.
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Finally, I have been waiting for someone to do this.
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