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Transformers Animated Kup

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Transformers Animated Kup

This is my take on Transformers Animated Kup.

Done many times before by many other customizers, this is my attempt at transferring the official design from the Allspark Almanac II onto the Cybertron Optimus Prime's body. Not an original idea to be sure, but I still badly wanted a Kup in my TFA collection.

This guy was the first figure that I've ever done any sculpting on, and I'm very pleased with my efforts. Using Apoxie Sculpt, I built the head up in layers and I think it's pretty close to the official artwork. The head crest could be a bit sharper, but not bad at all for a first attempt.

I'm also proud with how I handled the whole cy-gar accessory with it being removable, and it can be stowed in his back while in vehicle mode.

More details and in-progress photos are up on my blog entry about good ol' Kup. No need to flood this thread with all the nitty-gritty.


Attached Thumbnails
Transformers Animated Kup-img_1475_resize.jpg   Transformers Animated Kup-img_1476_resize.jpg   Transformers Animated Kup-img_1469_resize.jpg   Transformers Animated Kup-img_1397_resize.jpg   Transformers Animated Kup-img_1403_resize.jpg  

Transformers Animated Kup-img_1414_resize.jpg   Transformers Animated Kup-img_1471_resize.jpg   Transformers Animated Kup-img_1416_resize.jpg   Transformers Animated Kup-comparison.jpg   Transformers Animated Kup-kupanimated.jpg  

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That's pretty awesome.

Originally Posted by SG hailstorm View Post
Cuteness and evil rolled into one, kinda like dinodigger
Originally Posted by agentSAP2006 View Post
That's almost as scary as Dinodigger. Almost.
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Great work, you've captured the look really well.

Btw, you missed the animated Kup that started them all - Animated : Kup
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That's awesome! And the head sculpt is freakishly accurate to the art
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Great work and very good match with the character design.
The paint job details are great and the Cy-gar idea very clever.

The head looks like the character design but seems a bit rough. Still amazing being your first job.

WANTED: Animated MTMTE for Botcon 2015
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Well done.
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Originally Posted by pitt55 View Post
You don't see Optimus sitting in a corner, sharpening his blades, fantasizing about ripping Decepticons' guts out when not in battle for instance.
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Looks sweet to me. I think it looks very close to the anamation modle.
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Originally Posted by Pimp My Toy View Post
Great work, you've captured the look really well.

Btw, you missed the animated Kup that started them all - Animated : Kup
While i think this animated kup is really really nice as it captures the animated pic very well, and while i like frenzy rumbles take you did miss off the original animated kup that started it all - done by shinobitron (sorry no link)
he did the first.
wanted first edition bulkhead takara,
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Fantastic work as always, FC.
Originally Posted by daitarn red View Post
i hate old people driviers on road - they are slow like turtle
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But strong like ox.
Originally Posted by rattraprules98 View Post
And wise like owl
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