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Transformers Prime deluxe (FE) Starscream upgrade set (Shapeways)

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Old 02-02-2012, 01:03 PM   #1
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Transformers Prime deluxe (FE) Starscream upgrade set (Shapeways)

Edit: My good friend Portudork (sixpointsinspace on TFW2005) has
been hard at work filming reviews for my models! I am honoured and
humbled so much has been done in response to my work; I don't even know
how should I repay the favour.

Without much ado, here's the link to his video review! Grab your popcorn cuz
it's 20 minutes long! He spends much of it providing tips on the installation
process, and it's super helpful!
Watch the review here.

TF: Prime deluxe (FE) Starscream set
Update Feb 3, 2012

"I live to serve only you, Lord Megatron!"

So, the main motivation for creating this set is because
I couldn't abide the soft rubbery material they used
on the weapons, spiky parts, etc. The pieces in this set are
meant to replace every single soft piece with harder plastic.
And I tossed in the blaster just for the heck of it, because you know,
he needs it. The set comprises of 8 pieces:

  • 1 blaster
  • 2 triple missile launchers
  • 2 single missile launchers
  • 2 knee spikes
  • 1 head spike/crest

After folding his hand in, the blaster clips onto his right forearm. Also
it has a slot to allow it to be kept underwing or on his back.
Have fun switching around all his accessories!

Notice that his single missiles are larger and
more intimidating than the standard 3 missile versions.


First, disassemble his head and replace his rubber head spike
with the new one, if you wish. Both spikes will bend sideways
in alt mode if you don't align the head correctly. Detail material will snap.

Remove the knee spikes. The easiest way I found to do so is to
use an X-acto blade, slide it into the space between the knee
and spike and lop one of the locking nubs off. Then, yank the whole thing out.

Stick in the new spikes and make sure their nubs go into the respective nub holes.
There you have it, upgrade complete!

You might find that his elbow might be too loose to
support the weight of the blaster. Doing the superglue/nail polish trick
on the joint works for me in tightening the elbow.

And that's it for this set! I think the new items really gave an already awesome figure a new level of fun and character style. I hope you guys like it! Comments, critique very much appreciated!

You can order the set here at
TFP (FE) deluxe Starscream set on Shapeways.

- Ariel

Flickr is here.

Fakebusker's Shapeways Store
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Been waiting for this! Thanks man!
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I LOVE it. I totally agree about the soft parts. Mine were all warped and I had to use a hair dryer to make them pliable enough to return to their natural shape. No need for worrying about warped rubber though with this set.
I also like the single missiles for a more accurate bot mode and the extra blaster is quite cool!
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Old 02-02-2012, 01:36 PM   #4
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SO buying this next i get paid!
Originally Posted by Hollywood Hoist View Post
Yeah, screw that successful show that makes millions of kids and adults happy. Damn them.
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Old 02-02-2012, 01:38 PM   #5
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This looks really nice I might have to get it.
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Finally! Looks great.

''Brevity is the soul of wit.'' - Bill Shakesguy
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Love it...what material do you recommend?
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it's alright ~ you'll feel better soon (hugz) : )
Originally Posted by pitt55 View Post
You don't see Optimus sitting in a corner, sharpening his blades, fantasizing about ripping Decepticons' guts out when not in battle for instance.
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Looks fantastic, If/when I get Prime Starscream I will be getting a set of this to use.
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