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The Purrdator (Shapeways)

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The Purrdator (Shapeways)

The Purrdator Revision 1.5
Update Jan 1, 2012

Hi guys, I am very, very proud to present my design of the Purrdator!
This among my other designs is the first true original I've ever attempted.
I was inspired by the aesthetics of the War For Cybertron universe, but this little figure
was not copied from any concept art or screenshot, but was birthed from an innocuous
pencil sketch and progressed to what you see here.

Pictured: Innocuous sketch.

The Purrdator is a tiny robot cat that transforms into a cybertronian cassette that fits into WFC deluxe Soundwave.
Soundwave likes deploying him to engage in surgical strikes deep in enemy territory,
as his small size and stealth technology enables him to slip past all but the most thorough security systems.

He is heavily armed with a pair of energy-seeking medium ranged missiles which
he likes using on a target's faceplate. He finds contentment in knowing the last thing
his target sees is a pair of angry, buzzing missiles before they take it's head off.

Note: All photos shown below is of a FUD print custom painted by yours truly.

The Purrdator is very posable, with 11 ball joints all over his body.
He can achieve a lot of cool poses of the slinky kind.
Also, his weapon mounts are compatible with Thugger 4.0, in case you want to switch them up some.

The samples shown are printed in White Strong Flexible and Frosted Ultra Detail.
The Strong Flexible required reinforcing with super glue on almost all the joints as they are too loose.
Just be aware of them. The Ultra Detail version, as long as you take care to assemble it carefully, worked amazing.
You can even see his tiny little teeth!

You can order him here at
Purrdator on Shapeways.

Comments, critiques and feedback on
problems faced in the figure will still be very much appreciated!

Assembly Instructions

Parts layout

Putting together the Purrdator is pretty easy, but you have to be careful not to confuse the front and back,
and the left and right sided leg pieces. As a rough guide, the upper legs with the weapon mounts belong to the back,
and the one with the affiliation badges belong to the front.
Also, the front lower legs have longer toes, and the rear lower legs have a notch at the back.

Paw comparison


Assemble all the pieces according to the image above. Enjoy your little Purrdator! - Ariel

O look! He's grooming! :3

Flickr is here.

Attached Thumbnails
The Purrdator (Shapeways)-purr-big-1.jpg  
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amazing. moment i get $, i get this. wow.

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Oh, wow, that's great! I might have to get one.
My Feedback:
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You never cease to amaze. Kudos to you.
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this is so bought...
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that is the most amazing thing ive ever seen...
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You really knocked this one out of the park sir!
Him and some Thugger 4.0s are on my "to get" list.
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Dude....Bravo! This is beautiful!
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I really liked your thugger and I really like this design, but I have no use for the Soundwave compatibility. I would buy twice if you made a large variant available so I could make Ravage and SG Ravage.

Check out my toy designs here!
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