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Classics Scorponoc with a twist [WIP]

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Old 07-18-2011, 03:35 PM   #1
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Classics Scorponoc with a twist [WIP]

Well I've been away for a while, problem is I can't finish any other project since all need parts or paint and painting is something that prolly can't be done for quite sometime I'm afraid...

It's all due to a baby kitty ... our first so making to house (livingroom = also kitbash-corner) a little safer will take up most of my time

Anyways I did make this in the last 2days...
the base is cybertron metroplex


Need to find a base mode, but will try tomorrow!
(botmode pics after I wake up!)

will continue with more goody's and info again when I wake up!

New reworked Scorpion-mode...
when I wake up I'll upload the Bot-mode and City-mode

Well had some setbacks 3 minicon are now beyond repair...
so for now I've scrapped the head master, also the one I made previous will serve as another cause
so here's a few different robot configuration... I'll try more when I wake up!

Ok some heavy misstransformations to see if I could find some decent city-modes, well judge for yourselves..
which one(s) [order etc] do you guys like? Still haven't worked out the headmaster.. it's driving me nuts O well I'm pretty happy so far

Well took a while to make these digibashes but it's clear to me that it's gonna be the green/purple scorponoc, might make BZ in the future

Finally got some parts to try a version-B .. I totaly like this one for Scorponoc and might hold onto the Version-A (more evil) for BlackZarak
Also have made a pretty decent Vehicle mode if I may say so....
2 bot mode since I can't chose which I like best at the moment...
them finally will have to reinvent the city/structure-mode tomorrow!
(I'll include 2 old digibashed-pics where you can see the colorschemes)

Prolly the final change until paint....
still no working headmaster (he might have to be revisited later)

Well I have 2 different tails I will use, cuz I can't decide
For now you have to wait a while before an update since I can't paint yet!

After a very long break I got some G1 parts donated
So I'm prolly going to need this done b4 3rd of June since this will be my entry for the custom contest @ Dutch BOTS Convention
If I can't chose I'll make sure the Version1 parts can be swapped!

Well almost done but only 2 days left 4 painting AARRGGGHH...
not sure If I'm gonna make it in time... I will start painting 2morow
then in between paint I'll make the helmet 2 fit over the articulated HM

Finally the build is done, but I won't make it in time for Sunday cuz of paint!
But I did took the extra time 2 make new pics and find a decent city mode

HELP NEEDED!!!! check final pic, I friggin looked everywhere
but can't find the circled parts anymore ad really wanna finish panting this guys up!
Does anyone have these parts available for a good price?

Classics  Scorponoc with a twist [WIP]-foto-60-.jpg
Attached Thumbnails
Classics  Scorponoc with a twist [WIP]-dsc_5713.jpg   Classics  Scorponoc with a twist [WIP]-dsc_5712.jpg   Classics  Scorponoc with a twist [WIP]-dsc_5717.jpg   Classics  Scorponoc with a twist [WIP]-dsc_5722.jpg   Classics  Scorponoc with a twist [WIP]-dsc_5706.jpg  

Classics  Scorponoc with a twist [WIP]-dsc_5709.jpg   Classics  Scorponoc with a twist [WIP]-foto-60-.jpg  

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lookin' good. however, i have some suggestions. for one, the tail could be longer, and the legs could be bulkier. but overall, this is new and very different, and should be quite awesome when finished
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Old 07-18-2011, 03:50 PM   #3
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now that is just plain awesome

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Wow AWESOME Start!
Best regards


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Old 07-18-2011, 04:00 PM   #5
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LIKING the Scorp mode very much, but base Mode and (especially) 'Bot mode will tell the tale.

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well I really like where this is going. I would say you need to fill in the legs, would help them look a bit bulkier, otherwise, this is really good...can't wait to see what you come up with base and bot....
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not too shaby
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Awesome and good luck with the kitty I need to make my room and collection safer for my new kitty(ravage) too
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As much as I like Cybertron Metroplex and hate seeing non-repaints be bashed, I gotta say. This is thinking outside the box! Neato!
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Old 07-18-2011, 06:04 PM   #10
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This is pretty original! I can't wait to see where it goes from here. Should be interesting considering what bot you are using as the base. Please keep posting as you get stuff added!!
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