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ROTF voyager Starscream hands and accessories upgrade set (Shapeways)

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ROTF voyager Starscream hands and accessories upgrade set (Shapeways)

ROTF Voyager Starscream hands and accessories set 2.0
Update June 10, 2011

Shown here is my design for posable hands and compatible weapon accessories for ROTF voyager Starscream! This project was done in response to a request made in my leader Starscream hands thread, and I myself believe that this figure can be greatly improved with a bunch of tiny modifications to the hands. We are all tired of those bird claws sticking out, no?

These hands are designed to have fully posable fingers that bend in 2 places, as well as thumbs, all on ball joints. Also, the wrist connector is a ball joint too, allowing full 360 degrees of movement.

Also, they collapse nicely in jet mode under his thrusters. Just fold in the finger section and re-orient the thumbs and you're set. With a proper paint job, the hands won't be that noticeable at all.

Additionally, the set comes with 3 different weapon attachments: a normal gatling gun, a larger variant for firing a missile through, and his movie-accurate 6 missile launcher with pivoting blades!

These weapons can be mounted on his underwing hardpoints. There are so many ways you can pose and customise this set!

You can purchase the hands here at
ROTF voyager Starscream posable hands on Shapeways.


I made a sample in Strong Flexible and the joints work pretty well. Even so, a coating of superglue on the joints will go a long way to make them sturdier. Until I've made corrections to the design, this is the way to go.

When you first try to mount the accessories on his stock hardpoints, you might think the holes are too small. Rest assured that they will fit with some firm, gentle pushing. You have to wear in the holes slightly to make them fit. Of course, on my side I'll try to modify the hole shape to fit the hardpoint easier.

Based on my experience with Detail material, it is not recommended for this design. If you really want detail and you can afford to wait, order Strong Flexible Polished instead.

Assembly Instructions

Assembly is easy enough. Connect all the pieces until they vague resemble a hand
Attach the blades and missiles to the base launcher pieces.

Use a dremel to slice off the stock gatling gun. Be careful not to cut off too much and make sure the cut surface is flat and clean.

Once the gatling gun is off, you can unscrew the forearm and remove the original hands. Replace it with you new hand. Voila! Kickass hands for voyager Starscream!

Comments, critiques and feedback on problems faced will be very much appreciated!

My main Shapeways thread is here.


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ROTF voyager Starscream hands and accessories upgrade set (Shapeways)-img_08511.jpg  
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Wow this is gonna make people very happy!!! AWESOME!!!
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Pathetic fools!
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This is awesome! Really love the way everything sits in jet mode.
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Jovie Lynnelle
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Simply amazing. You are going to make the unhappy voyager starscream collectors very happy out there!
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very nice ^^
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You are the man my friend, you are the man!

Awesome engineering! You're a genius!

Which I could do it myself, would create several leader sized hands for my toys

And I'm thinking about conversation kits for entire figures, with redesigning arms and legs you could movie-esque figures to chug and chug to movie!.

If someone have YOUR skills, he could doo and swap anything!

You could do a camaro ss kit for hftd bb bumblebee and so on!

I'm so exited about your engineering, cause it's so unreliable good!
Best regards


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WHOA! Dude, this is awesome! I can't say I'm a fan of the Voyager toy, but the mold and engineering of this add-on set is impressive! The improvement on the figure is very marked and brilliant!

I was wondering, though. The gatling gun and null ray parts. Is it possible for us to purchase these separately? Perhaps fitting them with 5mm pegs somehow and size them for DOTM Deluxe Starscream?

I have a custom painted version of the figure (in gray F-22 Raptor colors) and he really needs these weapons to make him complete! In fact, that's a possible future set idea right there, and with only slight modifications to this existing 3D design mold, us fans could upgrade our DOTM Starscream/Thundercracker with movie screen-accurate weapons!

Thank you, sir, you rock!
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ROTF voyager Starscream hands and accessories upgrade set (Shapeways)-mp_mini_screamers1.jpg  
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This makes me want to break out my ROTF Voyager Starscream and dress him up in TFTM colors.

Nice work!
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working working working
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man u are a genius !!

i dont like that mold ( or any other movie mold ) but those hands are top notch !!

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Mother of pearl....

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Originally Posted by [Wing_Saber-X] View Post
My Junkion Feedback
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