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My destiny is the ocean of stars ---- Masterpiece Omega Supreme by uuser

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My destiny is the ocean of stars ---- Masterpiece Omega Supreme by uuser

[updated July 4th]

I was asked how tall this guy is. I don't have a ruler with me now. I estimate it should be around 17-19 inches tall. I also took the following pictures with WFC optimus prime and a classic optimus prime that you could find in the last, so you could see it yourself.

This custom starts from about one year ago, just after the devastator custom (uuser's Devastator, part I ------Constructicons and uuser's Devastator, part II ------Constructicons, combine and devastate!!!). It took me so much time and effort to finish it. Hope you guys will enjoy him just like I do.

I was really impressed by Omega Supreme in “all hail megatron”. Save everyone in the most dangerous moment and change the destiny of autobots as well as the whole war, which only could be done by omega supreme. When asked how he could survive with the attack from a whole Decepticon army, he just answered”I am Omega Supreme.” So simple but so cool

The comic didn’t mention Omega Supreme’s battle in another field, but we could find some hints from the video in the latest game “war for cybertron”. Actually, it is not hard for us to find out how did Omega Supreme destroy the whole Decepticon army.

Although the Omega Supreme is such a cool character, there are not a lot of toys.
Diaclone and G1


Action master

This famous sculpture

Sure and energon version

For me, I want to merge different styles into my work, but still keep the soul of G1 character. So I keep the head mask, claw, canon arm and front armor in robot mode, and make him transform into a base, tank and a spaceship, as an upgrade from a simple rocket, I want Omega to be more powerful, even in his alt mode.
Inspired by the G1 setting, studio ox’s setting, comic setting, some fans’ artwork and some excellent previous work in this forum.

Studio ox

Also inspired by a fans’ artwork and IDW comic

For me, Omega Supreme is a silent, faithful and invincible warrior from ancient time. To emphasize the feel, I put some tattoos on his “wings” using cybertron words, just like what the ancient religion warriors did on their bodies. I use some traditional Chinese elements here, which is one of the oldest things I know. Ancient Chinese people believe put blue dragon on left and white tiger on the right will make you conquer any enemy. Hope you like this design.

Lightening system in the mask, inspired by G1 toy


Take off the mask

There are pupils in his eyes

Light on

Robot mode

With optimus prime

Autobot! Transform and rollout!

Base, with omega supreme’s name in cybertron words

with the base, masterpiece



Launch base

Omega Supreme vs. Devastator

Attached Thumbnails
-icon.jpg   -02.jpg   -05.jpg   -06.jpg   -08.jpg  

-09.jpg   -11.jpg   -12.jpg   -18.jpg   -19.jpg  

-22.jpg   -23.jpg   -all-hail-autobots.jpg   -dsc_0499.jpg   -dsc_0502.jpg  

-dsc_0508p-copy.jpg   -dsc_0518.jpg   -dsc_0523.jpg   -dsc_0534.jpg  
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by primus...
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amazing work, great presentation
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Simply FANTASTIC! The picture with him in his full-base mode is AWESOME! I love the gantry setup for the starship. Epic Win right here! Best Omega EVER!!!

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Old 06-30-2010, 11:54 PM   #5
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"if god made us, then what do you think made him??" I LOVE THIS THING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now.. if only there were a way to make the original G1 Omega this effin sweet...
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He's now nothing but a mere twisted shell of his former self, wrapped around a warped and chaotic spark that is withering yet thriving in a sea of despair and agony, his mind long eroded from the many thoughts of revenge for his undoing.
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. This is one of the best OS rendition i have ever seen.
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Man, this is one epically awesome custom!
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Wow. The level of detail you went into, with the lettering, and the alt modes... the perfect selection of parts. you can tell this is a labor of love.

i am absolutely floored by this.
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Old 07-01-2010, 12:27 AM   #10
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Wow. Words escape me on how awesome this is... I hope that I could make mine even 1/4 as epic as this. Fantastic.

Thanks to Karhukjnsi for the sig!
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