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Ultra class Fusion Galvatron. W.I.P.

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Old 06-19-2010, 02:41 PM   #1
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Ultra class Fusion Galvatron. W.I.P.

Welcome to Project Mayhem!

My shapeways order has arrived!, Well first part anyways, still waiting on the clears parts.

(soory about the blurry photos, couldnt find the good camera.)

All parts just tacked together for now. The prepping process begins!

Size comparison.

If you wanna sneek a peek into the design process head over to the fan art section.

My next project: Ultra class Fusion Galvatron
Attached Thumbnails
Ultra class Fusion Galvatron. W.I.P.-galvatronmk1finishedlr01.jpg  
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Looking great!

Can't wait to see this done!

I might try shapeways sometime.

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i just followed the thread in the fan art section
man u did a remarkable job

IMO i'de lose those horny shoulder pad ( but thats only MO )

are u going to reproduce this ?

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dude, I would kill to have this in my collection.. I don't even want to know how much it costs though..
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that is gorgeous but it looks like you used another robot to put the custom part sonto or did you have everything made

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That's amazing, what figure is under the new parts?
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wow, great work. if i could ask, whats it cost to do something like this through Shapeways?

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Cannot wait to see this all done up.

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Looks like a Classics Silverbolt under there.

This is really cool!
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nice to see the project is still progressing! man that Galvatron is beautiful....

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