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May 23, 2017 at 1:50 AM
    1. moreprimeland
      Please use 'QUICK REPLY' function to quote all posts you wish and reply in 1 post, multiple posts one after another aren't necessary and have been merged. Thanks! :)
    2. Un_Chakal
      You still have one of each been kickback and gnaw?
      1. YoungPrime
        Yeah. $11 a piece.
        Dec 10, 2016
    3. Livingdeaddan
      "do not care list"

      I choked on a mouthful of coffee when i read that retort!

    4. YoungPrime
      Traded it in after I ended it.... The multi- was a big disappointment, especially Escalation Mode. DLC was a ripoff to but I still have WFC though.
    5. Lord N
      Lord N
      cool do u play FOC
    6. Lord N
    7. YoungPrime
      No, don't like it.
    8. Lord N
      Lord N
      it says there is no text based on your avatar i would say that would be pretty badass do u watch/collect TFP
    9. Lord N
      Lord N
      lol an actual figure who would u like Hasbro to make a figure of
    10. Lord N
      Lord N
      ur avatar looks badass
    11. mitchsantona
      Just wanted to see if you'd like to be friends
    12. Thenames9
      You seem coolbeans to me. Has anyone told you different?
      Haha thanks, but I'm not sure if you were being serious or not, so I thought I'd just come and say hi anyways. :D
    13. kaijuguy19
      Well I haven't really been good on most of the other's terms due to my over the top defense for Prime. But if you really want I can give this a go.
    14. kaijuguy19
      So how come you want to be my friend?
    15. kaijuguy19
      Say how come you've sent a friend request? I mean we don't exactly get along well and we have completey different opinions. I'm just asking.
    16. Starfire22
    17. Starfire22
      Just curious, why do you call anything prime related "shrekformers?"
    18. Bumblebee765
      Well I'm sorry, I thought you would have replied to it if you had read it in the thread. I'm not trying to be mean. :)
    19. Bumblebee765
      Man you can hate God-former's all you want. James Roberts speaks the new gospel now so get with the times please... I'm a "Bible-former's" apostle, so spread the word.
      I don't hate TransFormers G1 franchise. Actually, I quite like the IDW G1 universe you mentioned; it's one of my favorite TransFormers series! Last Stand of the Wreckers especially was amazing! It's really just the G1 cartoon I dislike and was referring to. :wink: Also, I'm sure nobody's asked you nicely, so could you please stop with those nicknames you use for every TransFormers franchise? Once or twice is clever and creative, but they're starting to get annoying. :)
    20. eagc7
      Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman of Transformers Prime?
      Bob and Alex only wrote the films, they had no involvemnt in the writting of TFP at all
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