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Mar 12, 2017
Jun 5, 2008
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pitying fools

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Mar 12, 2017
    1. Markatron
      Oh ... will you ever resume the project?
    2. Markatron
      Hey my name is Mark, and I was wondering if you could answer some questions I have about your Grapple Inferno upgrade set. Are they widely sold? Are they reliable? Please let me know! Thanks! :D
    3. robotmel
      May I ask a question in regards to one of your Shapeways Transformer heads, in particular the Voyager Impactor head.
      I am hoping to create myself an Impactor from the recent Fansproject T-Bone knock off that was reshelled in to a yellowy-purple Hummer style vehicle.
      The oversizing puts him at Voyager scale, so I checked your Shapeways store and you appear to have the perfect head for my plans!

      Do you still have one of those heads still available to buy, if so can I order it here, a direct PayPal payment or should I go Shapeways site?

      Thank you.

    4. plowking
    5. ambitron
      Great, thanks Wheel_Jack!
    6. Superquad7
    7. ambitron
      Thanks for the heads-up - I've just visited the thread and the pictures are great! I await mine with a certain amount of trepidation given all the drama in the thread (I'm still waiting for Kapow to get their pre-orders in), but he really does look superb in robot mode, especially with the other MPs. That shot of him towering over a Beetle - that just *is* G1 Skyfire. Can't wait to recreate that with MP-21. Thanks again for posting the fantastic pictures!
    8. Matt Booker
      Matt Booker
      Clean out your inbox. :)
    9. plowking
    10. plowking
      Merry Christmas!!
    11. Superquad7
      Ah! Just remember if you see something problematic to report it :wink:
    12. Superquad7
      Wait, what?
    13. Superquad7
      Hey hey bud!
    14. Superquad7
      Hey boy! Posted in your Cyclonus thread :wink:

      alley oop!
    15. shadeozero
      That's what I like to hear can't wait thinks its been almost close to a year now XD
    16. shadeozero
      Oh it hope it doesn't require me waiting for a 3p release dude, because You offered to allow me to print a set on shapeways as long as I paid for it. Saved up just to get it :(
    17. shadeozero
      Please get back to me so I can payment for the parts
    18. shadeozero
      sent ya a msg, please check and get back to me. Its been long overdue ;) can't wait. PLease check your inbox. Its about something we discussed a while back. Also your inbox is full.
    19. bellpeppers
      Yeah, it helps. I'm gonna upload a part to be printed tonight.
      I'm on the verge of something that *I* think will be pretty good.
      Might even shop it around to 3rd Parties.
    20. bellpeppers
      Well, thanks for the link. I keep going back to add more detail to my part for test fitting... maybe I'll just hesitant on pulling the trigger.

      Now I see S7 presenting their next contest. Kinda fast following the last contest.
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