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Sep 21, 2017
Sep 1, 2003
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Attack Buffalo, 35

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Sep 21, 2017
    1. Mospeada
      [IMG] All right, it's ENERGON Powerlinx, but I've had it for ten years.
    2. MisterFanwank
      Cool. I recently rewatched the Wings of Ultimate Darkness OVA, and I knew I recognized the name, "Valkysas", from somewhere.
    3. MisterFanwank
      Your username doesn't happen to be a reference to Lemnear, does it?
    4. starscream1979
      Hello hate to bother u do u know were I can get a set of ears for a g1 ratbat or a junker with head and ears by chance thanks for your time take care

    5. starscream1979
      Hello everyone does anybody know how to rechrome the weapons and make them look like new I have found the spray can does not work any info will help
    6. Gilgamesh
      I just want to say: thank you.
    7. Fallout
      yeah man, anytime.
    8. Fallout
      i love reading your posts, you're hilarious and speak the truth.
    9. Autobot Burnout
    10. JackWheel
      You are complete awesomeness in that "30 year Prime" thread
    11. mrgalvaprime
      They started homaging Animated as soon as it was over, by throwing Lockdown in ROTF, Lugnut in RTS, and Bulkhead in Prime. Animated's impact is already being felt on the franchise, and will continue on. I'm pretty sure guys like Lockdown, Lugnut, and Bulkhead are here to stay.

      As for Armada, it's contributions are still alive and well today as well. Minicons and Hot Shot are two obvious ones.

      It takes a very special kind of person to be so oblivious to the ways these series live on in everything we see from Transformers today.

      All Transformers are "the real Transformers". All of them. Transformers Go-Bots, Rescue Bots, Bot Shots, Action Masters, Robot Replicas, Activators, Kre-O, Built To Rule, Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Machine Wars, G1, G2, RID, AEC, Universe, movies, TFA, Prime, they're ALL real Transformers. This isn't something that can be opinion, or even debated. It's fact.

      This paragraph makes no sense. Beast Wars and Prime are nothing alike, aside from using CG animation.
      You sir, are awesome
    12. seekerblackout
      Haven't talked to you in a while. I got my hands on a PRID Wheeljack. Can't wait to buy more PRID stuff.
    13. Transfan2
      Hi Valkysas,
      How are you doing today? :)

    14. Kickback
      I hereby declare you the official "catch bogus Hasbro employee" guy. One down ... in the future, I hope you'll catch the others. IP address was a perfect match, that guy was 100% bogus (though I knew it from the start as you saw in the PM I sent you).
    15. doomboy536
      Your copy of the Allspark Almanac II is one of the most epic things that I have seen on TFW. Good job.
    16. GogDog
      I really, really, really hate being fucking lied to.
    17. GogDog
      Gotta love how only 7 hours later, no one is willing to go back even 4 pages.
    18. GogDog
      High Five.
    19. SPLIT LIP
      Geewunners out in full force.

      Never thought I'd ever say that in a serious context. :/
    20. SpencimusPrime
      I read you'r Deterring Spam bots thread and I must say it had some pretty good Ideas. Though, in my opinion, the best way to determine a spam-bot is check their profile and see what it says in the "All About Me" section. If their favorithe character is "fkjskgkldfgkl" or "Comics", they're a problem.
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