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Car Robots Professional, from Illadelph

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Oct 22, 2017 at 8:41 PM
    1. Dinotrap
      Hi just a quick question regarding the new movie line that was revealed today on the boards. Can I post the pics of the leaked movie figures from the new line since the megatron and brawl was revealed today. I was told by board members to ask before I post just Incase the thread was deleted.
      Howdy Tony !!! I'm not sure if you still have a catalog of your MP3 still up for sale. Years ago you did , if you do can you send me to the right place . Loved just about everyone you put together and , I love to get a copy of them. Thanks man , til all are one.
    3. zeeman03
      is there a company (meaning place) of this website
    4. zeeman03
      Was this transformers website really built in 2005 or the name just fits well in the website?
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      2. Rabid Robot
        Rabid Robot
        That was you right?
        Sep 28, 2017
      3. Tony_Bacala
        Yep! And Joe Moore who is an admin here, but active mostly at now. Along with Rik Alvarez and Paul Hitchens from The Spacebridge.
        Sep 28, 2017
      4. Rabid Robot
        Rabid Robot
        Cool. Havent seen The Spacebridge yet but i will check it out.
        Sep 28, 2017
    5. dragonsdawn
      i hope you can help me i have/had a few of your cds. I say had because the TONY BACALA PRESENTS HISTORY was in my car when some jerk decided they wanted my car more then me and stole it. Now i am trying to find another copy of the cd or just links to the music i don't care which. If there is a link to where i can get another cd/mp3s i would appreciate it. Thanks
    6. Coffee
      I don't know for sure if you're the right guy to go for this. But the way the comments work on news posts need to be fixed. Every time someone posts, a / apears after every apostrophe, and it kind of destroys the legibility of the post.
    7. LionPrime1984
      Hello Tony, I've added my own Transformers G1 instructions scans to my own page If you want to have a look at plus I've added my own Transformers stop-motion video slideshow reviews too.

      I thought I should let you know and All the best
    8. Mathieu Belanger
      Mathieu Belanger
      I've been looking around the Website and the forums, but I can't seem to be able to find a working link to the remixes you did. Is there still a link to them? I'm especially looking for the "I am Megatron" remix.
      Thank you!
    9. jrod1019
      Man please post Moschino x Transformers Collection at Milan Fashion Show on this website they will have a field day on this article.
    10. Moy
      How are you Tony? I wanted to known if tfw2005 will be sharing what concept art was seen at the TF5 set once the movie is out.
    11. Jetfire37
      Thank you so much for the "Singles" code for Liokaiser! I am on LOA from an injury and I only getting %50 sick pay so any little $$$ saved is much appreciated.
      1. Tony_Bacala likes this.
    12. moreprimeland
      Gotta say, lovin' the Alert system :D
      Can't be purple here tho. oh well.
    13. Red Goblin
      Red Goblin
      Is there something wrong Alex?
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      2. Red Goblin
        Red Goblin
        Sent you a whole lot of PMs but got nothing back
        Sep 10, 2016
      3. Tony_Bacala
        Oh, that's because it was 4 am my time and I passed the F out. :)

        I haven't got a chance to fully look at it all yet today, will and will let u know!
        Sep 10, 2016
      4. Red Goblin
        Red Goblin
        Oh okay, I was worried for a sec. Thanks
        Sep 10, 2016
    14. CaptainSlayer
      Hey Tony, I'm loving the update. The removal of sidebars has made my threads so much easier to format and everything feels so clean. Fantastic work on everything - is this what the future feels like?
      1. Tony_Bacala
        I dunno, you tell me :)
        Sep 9, 2016
        CaptainSlayer likes this.
    15. WEEGEE
      So with this new update any time a thread I go on regularly is updated I get a notification?
      I've gotta say you guys really did a good job of getting rid of unneeded stuff and making things much more convenient I don't know if you heard it enough but great job man
      1. Tony_Bacala likes this.
    16. IceMagnus
      Testing testing 1.2.3..

      Trying to test out some of the new features :) Good job btw.
      1. Tony_Bacala likes this.
    17. Pinpoint
      Hey Tony, I sent a private message to you a while ago and I don't know if you received it. Should I send it again?
    18. Novaburnhilde
      Hey Tony, hope your doing well with stuff.

      Sorry to hear about Scourge not making the finals in both character polls. Here's hoping he gets in someday.
    19. GingaMagnus
      In the event that I can't keep control after my extension expires, could you transfer control of my groups over to the user "Necromaster"?
    20. OmegaPrime2061
      Just wondering if it's possible to shut down my account?
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