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The Plastic Addict, 35

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    1. seaspray10
      leader class demolisher Rotf
      Heh, plastic addict 26 4th worst
    2. SnakeEyesFan97
      Hey TJ heres something you'll laugh at:Image:ScottMcNeil Megsy.jpg - Transformers Wiki
    3. MrByatis
      How dare you, I love T-Bob
    4. TfAnimatedfan
      Scott Mcniel voiced a character in the latest episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

      Just thought you might want to know... Since you're a true fan and all :p
    5. Saberfrost01
      Just read one of your comments. what would you do if someone sent you 100' of Armada Hot Shot and Animorphs? I know you hate those things so what would you do then?
    6. Sideways77
      Yeah, sorry about reviving that thread of yours. I just think Brawl should be there.
    7. Spiderus Prime
      Spiderus Prime
      Hey look at some Turtle Mirco Heroes.
    8. Sideways77
      Hm. I predict the Arcee sisters will be # 1,2,and 3.
    9. taurusfire1
      are there more animorphs on Plastic Addict
    10. Sideways77
      Have you ever concidered doing a Star Wars Transformer for Addict again?
    11. Dncmefrmpelican
      Merry Christmas, thanks for your help with that starscream, he is now sitting in the glass display case I just got with 7 Deluxe's I just got :D, the joys of being 14 :D
    12. King_Kat
      Hey omegus in 2011 you should do a wost transformers of the decade?
    13. King_Kat
      Hey omegus do you have a lost driver? if you do, in the review for it could you please show it with the fang memory in it?!
    14. skyfire2006
      hey man know anyone good with boards.
    15. StInG286
      Love you videos and thanks to you I am now a member of this site.....mind you that may also be a curse for the site...but that remains to be seennn..anyway like I said enjoy your videos they are very entertaining and because of them i now have Generations Dirge and Thrust and am seeking the other seekers among toher figures also.

      Keep up the good work
    16. SG Roadbuster
      SG Roadbuster
      dig your work on Random reviews, rushed reviews, plastic addict, and tj tv. your top 10 wtf kamen rider moments got me interested in Kamen rider (mainly Hibiki and Decade) and you Random reviews got me interested in Webdiver (especially Galleon/Garyuun) in fact after watching your Garyuun review I immediatly checked ebay for one, when there wasn't one to be found I started a thread here that stated I was looking for one.

      oh bugger I've rambled....ummmm yeah keep up the good work, and if you ever want some Animorphs Transformers for Plastic addict I'm looking to offload 'em....
    17. grimlock1972
      Love your videos and i can't wait to see what Toy or cartoon show you tear apart next!
    18. DJ BroadSide85
      DJ BroadSide85
      Oh my god! I never thought I'd find you! Hi TJ! I'm a huge fan of Plastic Addict, TJTV; basically you in general! I got a Youtube account just so I could subscribe to you! Well, also for my maybe-coming-soon review series (fingers crossed). Anyway, just wanted to say that I LOVE YOU! Plutonically, of course. AND physically. Muahuhuhuh....
    19. guard convoy
      guard convoy
      hey there TJ, been a long supporter of your work and i look forward to what you do i the future. Just wanted to say the g1 wildrider you sold me on your botcon-funding sale is now part of a family, yes, i got the other 4 stunticons now :) so he is not alone now, got to thank you for starting that little adventure for me, if it wasn't for that wildrider i would of never started tracking down g1 stunticons and i love them, especially motor master
    20. King_Kat
      Thank you for looking at them TJ and Im glad you like them!
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