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Jul 2, 2002
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Baweepgranaweepninnybong., from Beneath the Loft, London, UK

TFW2005 Supporter
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Oct 20, 2017 at 3:06 PM
    1. SydneyY
      But I seem to have nothing to say :o
    2. SydneyY
    3. Fallout
      oh yeah lol, didn't know you were UK-based. ah well, glad i could at least offer.
    4. Fallout
      hey man, saw your post about might needing to pay premiums for BH cyberverse. which ones are you looking for? i've got a few i could let go for pretty cheap.
    5. SydneyY
      got the glasses today, thank you!!
    6. Blasterpill
      One of the shortest Decepticons, slight inferiority complex because of it. Farts a lot. Funny
    7. Tripredacus
      The 3D link in your sig has a typo in it. hhttp. ;)
    8. Superquad7
      Also, thanks for the kind words regarding our daughter :)
    9. Superquad7
      Awesome! Thanks again for your submission!
    10. Superquad7
      Hey man just post a thread in Creative GD with your images attached. I can pick it up from there. Thanks dude!
    11. Moy
      By any chance are you playing the DLC Dragonborn?
      EDIT: I found out, it's named serpentine Dragon. I Can't wait for the dlc for PS3, how much did it cost btw?
    12. Gingerchris
      Teeeaaaaaaaa! I've not been to London in like forever. I've got a mate lives somewhere that way and I think the last time I went to Londinium was me and my woman met up with him for a day out probably five years back. We went on the London Eye. It was high and hot and I didn't like it.

      On a similar tip to UK TF comics, still no sign of a UK TF annual this year. I did email the people that published the last few years' and asked if they were doing one this year too, but nobody replied.
    13. Gingerchris
      Added. How had this not happened earlier? :p
    14. SydneyY
      You think wrong. I'm always there :P

      We did lots of fun stuff back then. Nowadays I just stick a toy in a lightbox, take photos and be done with it. I don't even see old Cool Stuff regulars anymore :(
      ...oh no we are making ourselves sad :cry *creeps back to the loft*
    15. SydneyY
      and it must be filled with the toys you didn't post pics of!

      wait, did you lost your site? What happened to the pics you had there, you know those awesome photoshop stuff you used to post in "Cool Stuff". All these years and I don't think there have been many pics like yours posted.
    16. SydneyY
      oh yes, you make great gif animations!

      I guess I'm not a gitbag, right? I'm a creepy loft one :P
    17. Superquad7
      Oh that's totally cool and I completely understand. Just lmk when you have those photos uploaded and links to em. Thanks again bud :)
    18. tikgnat
      No, and I've decided not to. I'll shove the relevant pictures up on my photobucket account tonight though. Bascially I had my own webspace I was piggybacking pictures onto, but I wasn't actually using the site anymore. It cost money every year but when the CC attached to it expired they cut the URL and it was never a priority to get it back up. But yeah, sorry bout that.
    19. Superquad7
      Hey did you fix your site yet?
    20. tikgnat
      LOL, I just might. Once I get my interwebz back.
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