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Dec 15, 2002
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The guy with 28 Sweeps, 42

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Viewing thread rubadubspawn 3P Deals, Mar 28, 2017 at 12:10 AM
    1. Transfan2
      My Store Currently has Combiner Wars Voyager Optimus Prime instock..let me know if you want a link.

    2. IgnikaMarcus
      Hey Thundershot, you going to that All Americon Convention at the Packard Music Hall this Saturday?
    3. Thundershot
      I don't have any TF friends around me anymore after my best friend since grade school (30 years ago) passed away a few months ago. My kids love transformers as well. Braceville is only 20 minutes away from me. Sounds fun!
    4. MROptimusPrime
      We are about to move to Braceville. My wife is an EMT there at Station 16 near Rattlesnake Hill Gun Shop. If there aren't many TF fans your way, it's always nice to grab a bite with fellow Transfans.
    5. JAZZ2405
      Hi did you get my msg?
    6. Starfire22
      Love the Cosby avatar. :lol
    7. Envy52295
      hey man i was wondering if you liked Swerve's head mold lol i remember in a post you were curious if he would have a new head mold
    8. Thundershot
      Martin Clunes from Doc Martin
    9. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127
      who is the guy in the avatar?
    10. Bluebe6
      Although I appreciate your offer, I'd rather be "news credit happy", as you call it, and make a completely new thread.
    11. FanimusMaximus
      Why is your avatar not a Happy Derpy?
    12. SydneyY
      weird. Is the book supposed to be mint, with the postcard for mail-order intact? If not I guess you are getting your book after they finalise Stepper order.
      Or it might be a simple error and you'll get hte book soon.

      (if you are going to reply to this, will you click "view conversation" and post it there? Otherwise I'll miss it.)
    13. Thundershot
      No... they're separate preorders. both say 3rd quarter...
    14. SydneyY
      re; Generations 2011 - Why can't you get the book now? Is it some sort of package deal with BBTS?
    15. Thundershot
      Yeah, I know. I totally forgot because that game feels so damned G1ish.
    16. eagc7
      It's for the Nintendo DS version...

      Why is Cyclonus there, if it's in the past? Oy... Like it wasn't complicated enough as it was.
      Becuase WFC is not G1, Its Part of the Aligned continuity family (The COntintuy of WFC, Exudos, Exiles and Prime)
    17. Venksta
      Hey dude. I've sent you a PM and a message on Facebook, about the replacement parts for your RF-003 kit. Please respond soon, as it is holding up the shipping for your RF-004 kit.
    18. TFcollecterguy
      Hey there fellow Ohio dweller! I see that we don't live very far away at all. about 30-40 minute drive. So I see you like IT crowd. Love the show!
    19. katitas33
      hi I'm kind of new to tfw2005, can you please guide to put a image on my signature box.
    20. Thundershot
      Yeah, now that I have a 2 year old and a 7 day old, I don't get out to boardman much. I just need Rodimus. I don't really collect Animated, but I do collect "Primes". Contrary to the packaging, he IS Rodimus Prime. :D Thanks!!
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    Feb 22, 1975 (Age: 42)
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    Looking for the Reprolabels/Toyhax Titans Return Fortress Maximus inner leg stickers. (The computer console ones for the Headmasters) Surely someone has a TT Fort Max (whose legs are glued shut) and doesn't need them.
    Also looking for the Transformers Club MP Ratbat.
    PM me with offers.