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Aug 20, 2018 at 8:03 PM
Jul 21, 2018
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Mercifulspiderman, Male, 14, from Illinois, Chicago

I went to school today! (Again) and met a girl more vulgar then me! Aug 20, 2018 at 4:01 PM

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Viewing thread Transformers Armada [PS2] Demo / Alpha / Unreleased Material Thread, Aug 20, 2018 at 8:03 PM
    1. TheWarPathGuy
      I went to school today! (Again) and met a girl more vulgar then me!
    2. mandiprime97
      Glad to see younger folks getting into the Transformers fandom. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
      1. TheWarPathGuy
        Thank you! I don't really like social media.
        Aug 20, 2018 at 4:00 PM
    3. TheWarPathGuy
    4. TheWarPathGuy
      Nothing to do on Roblox.
    5. TheWarPathGuy
      *Whistles* I whistle when I'm bored. *Whistles* Saddest note of all...
    6. TheWarPathGuy
      Changed my profile image to my second favorite transformers character. Whirl...
    7. TheWarPathGuy
      1st day back at school (kinda) I am in high school now and met a lot of cool people!
    8. TheWarPathGuy
      About to get ko mp prowl, rts tracks, dreadwind, and blitzwing.
    9. TheWarPathGuy
      After a longass plane ride, I am finally back at my home town of chicago.
    10. TheWarPathGuy
    11. CyberstormSM
      Welcome to TFW!
      1. TheWarPathGuy
        Jul 21, 2018
    12. TheWarPathGuy
      On vacation (But I'll
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    Oct 9, 2003 (Age: 14)
    Illinois, Chicago
    Going to school
    I was once a warrior that fought along side the autobots. I wanted to make myself unique cause I felt left out so I say "Blam!" And "Kapow!" I made a lot of friends until one day in 2005, our leader fell to the hands of the decepticons. But then hoped sparked with rodimus. The last time I was spotted, I was attending a surprise party, but then the combaticons attacked after this glorious battle...
    I disappeared without a tease and I was forgotten about like my dead comrades...
    But no seriously.
    Hi! The name is TheWarPathGuy, or simply call me WarPath.
    Transformers was a series I was introduced when the 2007 movie came out, and it stuck with me since. I then watched the orignal series and some of prime in the 2010s. My interest of transformers peaked when War for Cybertron came out (WoF), and my favorite character in the game was well... Warpath! I also played Fall of Cybertron or (Foc). I watched all the movies excepted the second one. In 2017 my interest of transformers peaked once more. after I was losing interest in the franchise, but FoC made me interested and watching prime too helped. I recently started collecting Transformers toys, with my favorite being MP WheelJack.
    I do have history in being in game communities, mainly roblox. But this is my first time being on a forum as large as this one.
    And yes I am that mercifulspiderman from roblox.