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Jan 7, 2011
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Viewing thread Unique Toys - AOE Lockdown, Oct 18, 2017 at 12:36 AM
    1. Fanatic97
      Hey, do you still want AOE Slash?
      1. TFXProtector
        I think you may have me confused with someone else. I've had AOE Dinobots since 2014.

        I hope you find who it is you were looking for.
        Jan 27, 2017
      2. Fanatic97
        Sorry ^^:
        Jan 27, 2017
      3. TFXProtector
        Oh, no problem.
        Jan 28, 2017
    2. Shackwave71
      Bought Quakwave from TFX, and it's in great shape and looks awesome!
    3. Novaburnhilde
      Likewise, thanks. ~
    4. Novaburnhilde
      Hey there, hope your doing well with stuff at the moment. :V
    5. Starfire22
      No, it's my fault. Sending you a PM.
    6. Starfire22
      Listen, I thought about what I said. I apologize. I've had a crummy day, and didn't mean to take it out on anyone.
    7. moreprimeland
      Just logging on, quote away, if you'd like.
      Wish more folks would like by that 'advice'. :)
    8. GoLion
      Hey, my comment regarding some of the snarkiness wasn't aimed at you. It was more a general statement about some of the members of the board.
    9. Fallout
      ah. i'm looking to buy a junker or at least dispensors head and figured since yours was tanked i'd offer to take it off your hands but i take it you're gonna keep it since it's fixed.
    10. Fallout
      hey man, you were the guy with the busted aoe dispensor right!
    11. Haloid1177
      Nah man, no worries. I was kinda being a dick anyway.
    12. Haloid1177
      Whoa, whoa, whoa. Back that up with a source. Show me a post, somewhere.
      It was sarcasm. Lazerwave needs to stop asking every hour.
    13. EnergonWaffles
      The regular 'ol pump inhaler. A doctor can give you a prescription and they last for ages, so you can use them again if you get sick later.
      I have to use mine every time I get a cold now because a cough usually follows
    14. EnergonWaffles
      If you can get hold of an inhaler, do! It made such a difference
    15. EnergonWaffles
      Hope you feel better soon, man. Sucks
    16. tarzAN2003
      I have to say that I really admired your response with respect to that one gentleman's sharing about the girl whom he bought that school book for in that "relationship" thread. Your response seemed fair and just considering both parties involved and you stated what needed to be said in a very well-mannered and civil way.

      Thank you for speaking up and sharing!
    17. SWAGE66
      Monday Monday Mondayyyyyy!!
    18. Sumner Sturgeon
      Sumner Sturgeon
      Okay-- clearly, I've offended you somehow. For that, I apologise; as belligerent as my response to your last post was, I mean no harm. Just...consider it venting on my part. I'd really rather not make an enemy here, so how about we just bury the hatchet and agree to disagree? I didn't mean to give the impression that I think I'm above people who complain about Miko; my only wish is that people get along, as silly and idealistic as that sounds of me. Again, I'm sorry for any trouble.
    19. eagc7
      As for the novels, I'm assuming you mean the movie adaptations. I could be wrong, but that's where I'm coming from on this next part:
      the novels i was talknig were the first movie and ROTF Prequel novels Ghosts of Yesterdays (which takes place during the apollo 11 mission) and The Veiled Threat (Which takes place During the fourth issue of Alliance)
    20. Axel990
      Don't suppose to have a spare cannon you'd be willing to sell, would you?
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