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Jun 3, 2009
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Part Time Toy Designer, Male, 23

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Mar 25, 2017 at 9:43 AM
    1. bumblebeej8
      On 12/20/15 I sent a message to you. Please ignore it if you still have it
    2. optimusfan
      Sorry, I only just now saw this message. I made the change, even though it's probably no longer needed.
    3. Shockwave9227
      No prob!

      That person was VERY lucky.
    4. XJunky
    5. UNICRON2020AD
      can i buy stuff from your sale thread
    6. Soundwave_FSD
      True that. More so than just a picture, I created an idea. and people are running with it and making more and more art with it. So it's still really cool. Guess I wish I had the credit so that if there were ever a "Josh nizzi" esque situation, I could have my rise to fame. Haha.
    7. Soundwave_FSD
      LimaEchoEcho on deviantART

      Awhile i guess is a year. I decided to check up on my most popular piece after seeing you awesome BMO art and it popularity. Anyhow, If you google a couple variations of "Dark knight nightwing" it's the first, and 5th and so on results in google images. It became pretty popular back in july/august. But I never even knew it. Countless articles have used it, including one which contained "The original source of this image is unknown..." many similar designs have surfaced after mine, people have customized figures and costumes based on it. I could have had 15 minutes of internet glory if I had just checked that watermark box... Anyways, That's my rant of regret.
    8. Soundwave_FSD
      Do you recall a while ago I posted on DA a concept of a live action nightwing?
    9. Soundwave_FSD
      I learned a very important lesson about watermarking my art today...
    10. Soundwave_FSD
      He has a really nice bot mode! vehicle mode isn't perfect, but still nice. Transformation can be kind of frustrating though.
    11. Soundwave_FSD
      I think he's my favorite transformer right now. And I'm not a huge bulkhead fan.
    12. Soundwave_FSD
      Indeed I did! actually got a sonic screwdriver universal remote. and just days before christmas I found FE Prime and Bulkhead at retail.
    13. Soundwave_FSD
      Merry Late Christmas!
    14. Soundwave_FSD
      I have Voyager: Megatron and starscream. Deluxe: Soundwave, Airachnid, Knockout, Wheeljack and ratchet.
    15. Soundwave_FSD
      I don't recognize RID Prime or bulkhead as "Proper figures." So yes, FE PRIME AND BULKHEAD FTW! but not for a while. Need to save up for them. At least they US Release now.
      You? What figures do you have thus far?
    16. Soundwave_FSD
      I've been treating TFW the same, actually. Life is decent, but not bad. Decided that I was gonna get all the main cast TF: P figures and aquired almost half rather recently... My wallet hates me right now... And you?
    17. Soundwave_FSD
      I haven't been saving as much as I should, But I'm getting there... I think.
    18. Soundwave_FSD
      Not much. I got a promotion at work, So I'm making a little bit of extra cash so I can start a proper "savings." You?
    19. Soundwave_FSD
      I went a little farther than just one insignia. Amazon had a couple things for pretty cheap, actually.

      Photo by renegadegoo; Instagram

      I haven't ever really spent much time in the sightings thread. I also haven't been much for collecting as of recent. But Like Bruce Willis in many of his movies get's called back into action, I'm sure there's gonna be a figure that'll bring me back in to collecting.
    20. GogDog
      I'm headed to a friends house right now to mess with theirs!
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    Jun 26, 1993 (Age: 23)


    Part time toy designer. Experiences at Tomy, Bang Zoom, and Eleventyplex.
    Sculpter, Cad Modeler, Character Designer.​