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    1. primalxconvoy
      Cheers. I figured as much. I am used to other boards having a system where a thread is closed, but still exiists, with a mod popping a hypelink in amessage saying something like "THread closed/moved HERE" or words to that effect.

      Do you think there will be a more official and permanent "Fan Mode" forum? It might be useful. I was thinking of fan modes, digibashes, WIP's and full mods and repaints having seperate mini-forums in the main customs forum?
    2. primalxconvoy

      My thread about fan modes for fans project quick switch or Madlaw seems to have been removed, yet no message or warning has been given. Do you have any info about this? I have posted a fan mode before and there was no problem.

      Can you help please?
    3. Megatron31
      Yeah I've been pretty quiet about as it wasn't the fairy tale of child births. It's why I've been pretty absent from the boards a d handed off projects cause I just don't have the time to do casting for now. How's things been with you we havnt talked much lately
    4. Megatron31
      You are welcome in my hood anytime homie, it'd be great to meet in person after all these years ha-ha. That was the first time I've actually stopped and looked at toys in a while. Been feeling like a zombie ever since my son was born in April.
    5. Motor_Master
      What is up you sexy beast??!!
    6. Primus Productions
      Primus Productions
      Sorry for the late reply, But glad you're doing better!. So, How you feel about the better reveal of Megatron in TLK.
    7. eltonlin98
      Oh, how you tempt me at my darkest hour (just blew all my money on M01 Commander) with no Matrix for me :lol
    8. eltonlin98
      Until your spellchecker possesses a will of its own and calls me something like Energon-y goodness!, I shall be forever known as Energon
    9. Primus Productions
      Primus Productions
      Hey, How goes it?.
    10. Primus Productions
    11. kgorman79
      Yo! Cheers for the friend request! :)
    12. Primus Productions
      Primus Productions
      Same for yourself, I actually been quite fine, Been doing a lot of dub's. Fandubs. As for that, I am really looking forward to, The Last Knight. Megatron is my primary reason, Why I'm still into these films.
    13. Primus Productions
      Primus Productions
      Hey, Super. Been while.
    14. Verno
      The script for Issue #1 is nearly 4000 words. Formatting might be easy, but it would be incredibly time consuming.

      It's not like I'm dissuading people from commenting here. I'm very active on this forum and would love to strike up a conversation about the story. But getting people to read fan fiction is difficult at the best of times. As it is, the thread has only had 35 views. Whether I'd posted the script here or links really wouldn't have much baring on the traffic of the section in general. It's just the reality of the situation.
    15. Verno
      You're a marvel mate, thanks for fixing that up.

      The formatting used on DeviantArt sadly doesn't translate to forums like these via a simple copy and paste. If I was to post the scripts here in full, I'd have to go through and individually underline things, embolden things etc. I understand where you're coming from however.
    16. Verno

      I just started a thread in the Fan Fic forum of the Creative section titled "Transformers: Deicide - issue #1". Originally, I had the title all in capitals, but the forum put it into lower case. Would you be able to make the 'i' of 'issue' a capital please?
    17. EnergonWaffles
      When you do, watch Father of Lights.
      It's pretty interesting.
    18. EnergonWaffles
      Yo Quaddy you have Netflix?
    19. EnergonWaffles
      here's a e-hug!
    20. Galvatross
      Thanks SQ7! I really, really appreciate the support the staff have shown me here. By the way, I don't have WhatsApp. I'm old-fashioned for a young guy (I'm 31), so I prefer using a phone as a phone. My phone doesn't get apps other than the most basic things like timers and alarms and what not. :lol
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