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junkion, Male, from taunton, MA

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Oct 16, 2017 at 5:39 PM
    1. bossman328
      All 3 seasons? Give me your address
    2. bossman328
      what do you need? he had them on a data disk. i transferred them to my psp/ps3 and was able to watch them
    3. QLRformer
      Thank you for the friend request.
    4. GFH
      No problem.
    5. GFH
      Well, I'm glad you got your account back.
    6. GFH
      Ah, good. Were you actually hacked? I was gonna reset your password for you, but I couldn't get in.
    7. GFH
      Also, that doesn't seem to be your password.
    8. GFH
      You sig is gian- ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.
    9. supernova222
      I'm stil an idiot. My password is still "soundwave"! Someone please hack me bad to teach me a lesson.
    10. supernova222
      I'm not smart. I publicly revealed my password. I didn't type this.
    11. eagc7
      we all know that laserbeak in DOTM was a bit of a disappointment, mainly because of the talking

      i figured a way to eliminate his talking without really changing the plot

      first of all, he would just squawk and chirp in the movie

      instead of reporting in africa, soundwave would plug into him with one of his tenticles then SW would say what LB would have

      and in the scene where he interogates jerry wang(ha, wang) he would just be a communicator between Soundwave and jerry, with soundwave saying laserbeak's lines
      Dissapoint?, you know Laserbeak is a fan favorite of DOTM among most of the movieverse fans
    12. kaijuguy19
      Merry Christmas!:thumb
    13. eagc7
      maybe megatron had already left after the allspark and since starscream and the others werent in on it, they just did things as usual
      Nah, the whole ark attack happened WAY before Optimus considered launching the allspark, Megatron was witnessing the whoel thing but was too late on stoppping the decepticons from attacking the ark as he was fighting Optimus when that was happening
    14. eagc7
      if you wanna think tis blackotu then thats fine Its your Personal continuty/canon
    15. eagc7
      ok, view the movie and the games/toys as two seperate entities. dreamwave, who created the movies, established that it was blackout they used for themovies. the confusion is with the character in other media

      personally, though i do try to take the comics into consideration, i go by what happens in the movies and since he is nerver described as a seperate character in ROTF, he is blackout to me

      everyone knows and loves blackout, hes like the lugnut of the movieverse
      dreamworks never said anything cause The Teletraan 1: The Transformers Wiki Site is not really reiable cause they can psot fake info there without any types of source, While the mroe trusting tfwiki (link click to see the more trusting wiki) does psot real and actualy info aslong there is a source and since they never posted anything of dreamworks saying that i can assume the guy who added that on The Teletraan 1: The Transformers Wiki just posted FAKE INFO, also if this was true The Other TFWIKI (the oen that can be trusted) Would had merged The Grindor and Blackout pages (liek they did with the Movie 1 Elita-1 and ROTF elita-1 after they were established as the same character), but since they never did then there is no actual soruce of Dreamworks saying that they are the same guy, thus that means they are still seperate Guys, Also Hasbro worked on the Movies (afterall they created Transformers) and they said Blackout was not on ROTF, so they said he's not in the movie then its true, also if Blackout was in ROTF, bob orci who wrote the movie would easily know if he was blackout, but when asked he had no Clue if that was Blackout
    16. eagc7
      If the character was Blackout then 1. Why the Games refer him as a Grindor. 2. When Hasbro was asked if the bot was Blackout or Grindor back in 2009 or 2010, they said that Blackout was not in ROTF and the Character was Grindor

      Bob Orci have no clue if that was meant to be blackout or Seperate Character, also The TFwiki that that guy was talknig about IS NOT RIEABLE, the is rebiable on those kind of stuff if Grindor was blackout the tfwiki.Net would had merged the 2 pages together, Teletrann I: the Transformers WIki site IS NOT REIABLE! ppl sometimes psot fake info on that wiki

      not to forget EVEN THE COMIC BOOKS (the UK ones) refer the character as Grindor and Not blackout and he was Alive BEFORE ROTF even happened on those comics

      so its grindor and NOT blackout

      more thing i would like to poitn out is that After the Shard is used for ressurect a dead bot/someone on stasis is dissapiars cause the Shard Dissapaired when Jetfire was reactivated so once its used on a dead/stasis lock bot is dissapairs
    17. supernova222
      For anyone checking my page, feel free to freind me, i welcome it
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