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Sep 25, 2016
Oct 10, 2008
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'Civil' Nintendo Fanboy, 21

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Sep 25, 2016
    1. Ultrawave
      I just gotta say, I love that your title is "Civil Nintendo Fanboy" but your avatar is Master Chief LOL
    2. Haloid1177
      Did we already add each other's NNID? I don't remember.
    3. Haloid1177
      So like nothing this weekend?

    4. Haloid1177
      How are we organizing MK8 races?
    5. Eric
      I would forgive Microsoft, if they hadn't done any of the following:
      -Touted that they would have DRM for the Xbox One in the first place.
      -Bundling the Xbox One launch consoles with Kinect
      -Making Halo 4 a monumental disappointment.

      Okay, that last one wasn't Microsoft, but you know what I mean.

      Besides, the "Master Chief" Halo Collection is still a rumor; for all we know, it could be false and we're probably just going to end up getting Halo 2 Anniversary.
    6. Eric
      You're basically trying to do the same thing Mechafire did in regards to coaxing me into getting an Xbone. Rather ironic coming from a "Nintendo Fanboy". :p
    7. Eric
      I would come back to the green side, but I'm not willing to put up with the whiny kids who play M-rated games and ask their moms for chocolate milk. :lol
    8. Sideswipe80
      Hey there, how is that Retro Controller for the Wii that looks like the Wii U Pro Controller? I was thinking of getting one to sue for Brawl as practice for using the Wii U Pro for Smash 4. But I keep hearing a ton of negative things on it.
    9. Lazerwave
      Can I ask you a question? Your PM inbox is full and I can't send you one.
    10. Lazerwave
      One more Question, If you find Crosshairs and Slug do you accept Paypal? I couldn't PM you because your PM inbox was full.
    11. eagc7
      You had to post that twice?
      he didnt.

      the posts were from two diff threads, but were then merged to one thread
    12. tonyformer
      Who is your favorite Dinobot?
    13. Tyrannosaur
      *screams incoherent gibberish*
    14. Eric
      Well, here's the thing. My interest in the Xbox has waned recently, since many games on Steam support the Xbox 360 controller, and my gaming laptop is pretty damn good at playing games. That, and I have way too many consoles as it is. I have the Xbox, PS3, Gamecube, and 3DS, and one of those four has to go. But I'm holding out until E3 to see what each console has to offer before I make a decision.
    15. IceMagnus
      nice subheader
    16. Arcee Fembot
      Arcee Fembot
      HAHAHAHA!!! nice
    17. Arcee Fembot
      Arcee Fembot
      Class in art right now what about you?
    18. Arcee Fembot
      Arcee Fembot
      Sitting here waiting for my bus
    19. kaijuguy19
      How's it going?
    20. Arcee Fembot
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