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Oct 1, 2016 at 6:19 PM
May 19, 2011
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Starscream Gaga

Protoformed This Way, Male

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Viewing thread Combiner Wars Liokaiser in-hand gallery, Oct 1, 2016 at 6:19 PM
    1. Fallout
      hey dude, what's up?
    2. GoLion
      Did you forget about me? It's cool either way. Have a good one.
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      2. GoLion
        Ok, cool. Thanks!
        Sep 11, 2016
      3. Starscream Gaga
        Starscream Gaga
        Hey, it might be a while before I can get that lightbox. Do you care if it's a lower quality picture without it?
        Sep 13, 2016
      4. GoLion
        No. I don't care. I'm just looking for a color comparison. I think natural lighting might work even better.
        Sep 13, 2016
    3. GoLion
      The combiner wars version. Thanks again!
    4. GoLion
      Hey, I don't know if you got my message, but I was wondering if you could take a picture of hot spots ladder next to combiner wars rook. I wanted to do a color comparison. Thanks either way.
      1. Starscream Gaga
        Starscream Gaga
        Sorry, I don't think I did. Was that Combiner Wars or Unite Warriors Hot Spot that you were after?
        Sep 9, 2016
    5. Sixshot93
      Just accepting friend request. That's all.
    6. Sixshot93
    7. Coffee
      Honestly, how hasn't FelixOSTE been banned? He legitimately only shows up on this forum once a month to spout hate about the latest MTMTE, usually flavoured with a special touch of blatant homophobia.
      Posting this here as to avoid discourse/breaking the rules.

      It's kind of shocking that he hasn't. You have posts discussing the subtext one of the more controversial scenes in AOE, threads discussing the presence of homoromantic characters in IDW, and art threads that were apparently 'spammed in' deleted, but when it comes to guys like this and some others probably not worth mentioning, they seem to get away with this kind of garbage all the time. Like, I don't know if he has friends in high places, or what. It feels like he's being ignored when he shouldn't be.
    8. edgs2099
      Dude, have you noticed that the one poster that I'm talking about seems to latch onto an internet famous person/concept/thing and defend it to the death like a sycophant, refusing to see any faults? Cause I've noticed that.
    9. GoLion
      Hey man, I feel like we've gone a bit off track recently. I... I've been told in the past that my posts read as really condescending. Since then I've made a concerted effort to be as amiable as possible. If I have offended you in someway I hope you know that it's not that I have anything against you personally. You're a smart guy with well thought posts. I like you and your opinion on a lot of things. I may not agree with you on everything, but I want you to know there are no ill feelings on my end. I just... please, have patience with me. I might write something you don't like, but trust that it's not because I have some problem with you. It's just me rambling. Anyway. I hope we're cool. Even if we're not. You'll never get any hate from me.

      Peace and love. :)
    10. Fanatic97
      How do D & R come back ^^:
    11. edgs2099
      Kudos. I've had trouble keeping my tongue in check in regards to "that" so good on you.
    12. edgs2099
      I'm glad someone said it. I wasn't going to continue in that thread.
    13. Snake_eyes1975
      just found the autobots dude. Pretty sweet.
    14. Snake_eyes1975
      same here. I think the red prime would even look better with them, and hot rod on the chest. I think when the autobots are released, the red prime's stock will rise, and the white one will warm. it looks like shit.
    15. Snake_eyes1975
      sup dude? just wanted to say hi, I appreciate our conversations.
      You seem to get new stuff pretty quick. You looking forward to the combining autobots?
    16. SpinalCord
      Thanks so much for all your help! I really appreciate it!!!
    17. SpinalCord
      Quick question, do Monstrosity or Primacy fix Autocracy and tie it back into MtMtE and RiD, or should I skip them all together? What do you think?
    18. GoldenJohn7
      Hey Starscream.
    19. spartan 3764
    20. spartan 3764
      spartan 3764
      Everytime Insee a post by you Bad Romace gets stuck in my head or about an hour.
      Thanks. :lol
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