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'Till All are One!, 41

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Mar 22, 2017 at 10:32 AM
    1. StarFire_MK2
      Sorry for the late reply! I originally used cardstock to mount them, but later switched to foamcore, which yielded better results. You can find that at Staples, Walmart, etc
    2. battery1979
      Oh yeah, I found those. How'd you mount them? I was thinking of using styrene sheets.
    3. battery1979
      hey I was just reading through Retribution and I was wondering what you used for your Autobot and Decepticon bases, it looks like some typ of tile system. Is it just printed dioramas or something else?
    4. Autovolt 127
    5. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127
      goddamn Canada did great this Olympics.
    6. mrdecepticon
    7. mrdecepticon
      Loving the photo novel so far I cant wait for more!
    8. Hype1
      Need. Moar. Retribution.

      lol, can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the new year!!!
    9. Coolhand
      Hi dude. 2011's good for me so far, hope yours is good as well. :) You can download the spark brushes here. Use them wisely. ;)
    10. Sunstorm202
      You're welcome, I thought the figure was great! I would buy it if I wasn't broke or if it was for sale, since he's in your comic.
    11. Z.U.D.O.N
      Wow.. Yeah, it does sound sad, but also if you look at it in another way, it's very interesting! I find it intriguing and worth finding out. :D

      Will be working on the comics soon. Hehehe.. I remember why I stopped working on it. I couldn't find a pic from another source to back up the next chapter. :lol
    12. Z.U.D.O.N
      Hey. Great to hear that. All the best for your thesis. :) That's awesome news! Congrats on getting a great job. :) If you don't mind, how about sharing a little about what it's like? ^^

      They should appear at the end of this week. Hehe.
    13. Z.U.D.O.N
      Hey StarFire. Long time no chat. how's life? :)
    14. Z.U.D.O.N
      I sent you one on the 19th. You replied my first PM about the B.S. plot, then I replied it. If that's the one you're talking about then nvm. Haha.
    15. Z.U.D.O.N
      Nice! All the best for your draft and comic! :)

      My classes will end by this week I guess.. But I'll be busy preparing for exams. So I can't work on comics yet. :( And my hands are itching for a new TF figure. >.<"

      Btw, I sent you a PM. It's an update on the TLOC thingy..
    16. Z.U.D.O.N
      Hi StarFire_MK2. Thanks for accepting my friend request. How's life for you? :)
    17. Noise Maker
      Noise Maker
      Glad to hear. One of the best things about the Funnies Forums, I think, is how everyone can still be polite to each other even if there is a disagreement.
    18. Hype1
      Hey StarFire, check out the newest scene of Transforming The Unknown when you get a chance...I'd love to get your comments and thoughts on it!
    19. battlefudge
      Thanks man! I hope you enjoy the comic!
    20. Draeck
      Thanks man, it really is hard to keep up with all the comics in here isnt it :P I absolutely LOVED your last update, but I still have to catch up, I'll make some time too :)
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