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Cybertron 5th Commander, 36

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    1. Basilisk
      Lol CBR got rebooted kind of fitting isn't it?
    2. Basilisk
      Thanks, I wish they made a book with Thor's team they're the most interesting of that large group of Avengers.
    3. Basilisk
      What issues of the current Avengers run have Hyperion as a lead character? I'm really interested in Thor's team.
    4. Basilisk
      Wow that sounds really good bit odd they picked him up again and he was apparently killed by Thor but I still think he suits the role of being a Horseman.
    5. Basilisk
      What happened in the Sentry Mini series? I'm interested in what you wrote.
    6. Primus Productions
      Primus Productions
      GoldenJohn7's Profile - TFW2005 - The 2005 Boards
    7. DJW107PRIME
      WAIT! Let me do you a solid before you rush off and buy a battle tanker Ancient Sword 1set 2pcs for CLASSIC3 0 Drift | eBay
    8. SydneyY
      I got rid of all features on members page but I really appreciate your thoughts. If you have a twitter account you can find me there...if not, we'll catch up again one day :)
    9. xMostWanted559x
      Do u have a subscription that they mail out like a magazine?
    10. MandarinQuake
      Thank you for being reasonable and you are truely right. I do have a thing for Morena Baccarin, she really does look like the Wasp when you take a good look at her for a minute she really does have the beauty and the looks. And you may be right about Wasp being short like Mila Kunis but sometime people are not always gonna make characters look exact as they appear in the comics. Take Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin for example. Instead of being a chinese dictator he appears a the leader of terrorists and looks like Osama bin Laden as it was said in the news and rumor is that his rings may not project magic as they say on screenrant. I'm still going to route for Morena as Wasp but you can vote for whoever you want because afterall, it's not always going to be your favorite star or whoever is popular to fans over comedy films. Take care
    11. Metro Titan
      Metro Titan
      yup robot enjoy.
    12. ak111

      may I ask which hong kong store you bought the lambor from?

      do you have an address?

    13. Superquad7
      Gotta watch out for ol SuperSquadS! He'll getcha!
    14. romeosrealmshop
      thanks star saber!!!!! i understand now that a few hundred dollars simply cant do it. :) i might not be around after the next five minutes for awhile so, I would've closed thread if i could after i got the right answers for you all :)
    15. UltraAlanMagnus
    16. grunge
      so there is a dai atlus alternity figure out there. aaaand all we get in recient lore is the minicon team and THAT was barely a referance. feel jipped?
    17. [Wing_Saber-X]
    18. [Wing_Saber-X]
      Hi dude! :)
      Thanks for the add. :D
    19. x BlackMagnus x
      x BlackMagnus x
      Hello there my friend!
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