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Nov 20, 2011
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Oct 23, 2017 at 10:24 PM
    1. bennydeckersac
      I love your Avatar!
    2. Sumner Sturgeon
      Sumner Sturgeon
      No worries, lol. ^^

      You're in luck! Queens Place Target has all the Commanders; I picked up a Bulkhead this morning and a Starscream last Friday. You HAVE to get there early in the day, though; I saw one of everything this morning, and when I came back in the evening, they were down to 1 Optimus. Oh, and be sure to read the price on the peg and tell it to the cashier; they don't ring up properly, and just telling them the price will save you half an hour of waiting.
    3. spida1a
      Oh okay cool. Just thought I'd see if you still needed the guy. ha ha. First time I had seen him there.

      Maybe, yeah. I got lucky on February 28th...for my birthday literally...at Brooklyn Target. Arcee and Ratchet were sitting on the peg waiting for me. Lol. Hard to believe. Ha ha.
    4. Sumner Sturgeon
      Sumner Sturgeon
      Oh, thank you-- granted, I don't need a Soundwave anymore (got one from the back at Target the first week people started reporting them back there), but I'm happy to hear that they're actually changing out the supply there. You think we might see Ratchet and Arcee soon?
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