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spartan 3764

Good Nait, 18, from Paranoia Island

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Oct 1, 2016 at 2:48 AM
    1. TacticalBacon
      MTMTE already gave me enough reasons to sympathise for him.
    2. TacticalBacon
      Probably the better thing to do.
    3. TacticalBacon
      Transformers 5 will have Nazis in it.

    4. TacticalBacon
      1. I'm still trying to get the hang of it.

      2. We are?
    5. TacticalBacon
      Astrotrain is my favorite of the Decepticon triple changers only because one of his modes is a train, and I like trains. Plus Galvatron's jet mode sucks ass.
    6. TacticalBacon
    7. TacticalBacon
      It's so complicated, it's confusing the fuck outta me.
    8. TacticalBacon
      I can't navigate TFW.
    9. TacticalBacon
      Any luck on getting Wave 2? Or were there just Scourges?
    10. TacticalBacon
      There's no such thing as "Too Many Scourges."
    11. TacticalBacon
      No one can resist getting a blue bearded old guy who is bad who also turns into a spaceboat-thing and has a head that becomes a tiny robot and is friends with a purple space guy with bunny ears.
    12. TacticalBacon
      Your Wal-Mart is already 10 times better than mine. The shelves in mine are only full of the RID15 Mini-Cons and Legends guys. Hardly any of the Warrior guys for some reason.
    13. TacticalBacon
      I still hope I can find a Scourge in my area. If not, then I'll probably hafta go on eBay for, like, 6 of him.

      You and me both. :confused2
    14. TacticalBacon
      Yeah I saw it too and I want it too. It might be a little redundant of them to make a Bat-Headmaster immediately after making a blue Bat-Headmaster, but I still hope it gets made. I don't have any cash atm, tho.

      When I ordered Legends Magnus from HLJ, shipping for him was around $30 I think. It sucked, but at least he was on sale at the time. Though I'm not sure if shipping will be as low for you because of Ginrai's higher price point and the whole Brexit thing and whatnot.
    15. TacticalBacon
      So this year marks your 5th anniversary on here? Dang, I somehow thought it was more than that.

      Yeah, considering how dumb I was back then I'm surprised that I wasn't banned or anything. Not even temporarily. Woot!
    16. TacticalBacon
      I just realized, September 1st was the day I joined this site. So it's been 3 years and I'm somehow still around. O_O
    17. TacticalBacon
      I'll stick with the names mainly because I like the card theme they have in them even if they sound pretty goofy. Megatronia has to go, however.

      Also, I checked Wal-Mart yesterday and saw that the TF shelves were empty! The price tags did say "TF Titn Mastrs" or something like that, so I'm glad that means that they're finally in my area.
    18. TacticalBacon
      Looking at the new pics of UW Megatronia has made me warm up to the colors more. The combiner name is still crap but everything else is starting to look pretty awesome.
    19. TacticalBacon
      Hmm, cool. I'm not normally into those types of games (since I'm more into platformers like Mega Man and I don't want to be judged by my parents and brothers) but it's good to see that you like it. I'll probably look it up for research purposes.
    20. TacticalBacon

      It looks......interesting? I can see why you warned me about googling it tho.
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