May 13, 2006
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Vocab-champion ArgueTitan, Male, from Robot Narnia, Quebec

    1. Splendic
      Hey, dude. Just wanted to drop in and let you know that I think you'd really enjoy this past issue of Lost Light, even as a standalone. Just avoid spoilers if you plan on giving it a read. Feels very “season 1“
      1. SMOG
        Is that the Mutineers story? I was curious about that. Even if I'm skeptical (and pretty disenchanted with IDW generally) I was thinking of catching up with Lost Light... even just to give it a chance.
        Oct 19, 2017
    2. GoLion
      Thoughts about IDW Grimlock having PTSD. And his current mental state being the way it is primarily due to said PTSD.
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      2. SMOG
        So that's sort of why I haven't been fully on board with Grimlock's state in MTMTE... though I've taken a sort of wait-and-see approach for now.
        Oct 1, 2016
      3. SMOG
        Man, this reply window is tiny, and this 420 character limit blows. Why does this site suck so bad now?
        Oct 1, 2016
      4. SMOG
        Man, and the "see conversation" feature doesn't really work anymore. Ugh.
        Oct 1, 2016
    3. GoLion
      No, in that regard you're correct. The way we dress and the way we groom ourselves is absolutely the social construct portion of that equation. I won't deny that at all. I prefer sporty women that dress and behave in a certain manner. I can't stand nerd girls that cosplay or are into "geek culture" one group of women isn't prettier or better looking, it's the way that the carry themselves that differentiates them. To me that's absolutely social conditioning. I accept that.
    4. GoLion
      Ha, that's fair. The article is a tad preachy in places. I just thought it was interesting that depending on one's ideological leanings that we can see things differently. I tend to line up with your way of thinking. I just think biology plays a larger role in the decisions we make. Not to say that the stuff we're bombarded with from a young age doesn't play a role, it does, but I think it plays a slightly smaller role in certain areas/subjects.
    5. GoLion
      No, you're right, society does have an influence, but I think we can both agree that we would rather date a woman that is in better shape than a woman that's 250+ lbs. There is a baseline, as you said, that we find attractive because there is a biological imperative to reproduce with those that we think are going to give us the most "fit" offspring.

      Check this article out. I think it says something about genes can, and do, play a big role in mate selection.

      I agree that there are social constructs at play, but there is just as many biological imperatives that dictate our drives.
    6. GoLion
      And you're right society does, to a degree, dictate the standard of beauty. I guess all I was trying to explain is that it's not entirely a social construct. Oh, and I wasn't implying that is what you were explaining, I only mean that it reminded me of the stance that attraction to a certain shape is only a social construct. Sorry if I implied otherwise, I wasn't trying to put words in your mouth. :)
    7. GoLion
      It's true that there is SOME difference of art across different cultures, but you can't argue that most of that art, even the earliest examples, show a pretty specific body-type. There is a standard shape that most people agree is attractive.
    8. GoLion
      I had forgotten about the email. It doesn't matter anyway, Your work is more important in the scheme of things.
    9. GoLion
      We might have to start a private group that allows for our more 'mature' conversation. I think I ask about forming one.
    10. GoLion
      I worry we come across like we're against female transformers. I think no matter how I try to argue my thought on the matter the response I feel most people want to throw my way is just to call me a misogynist.
    11. hyruk
      Are you upto date on the new Gundam Series MS Gunda IRON BLOODED ORPHANS?
    12. hyruk
      I dont hate McCarthy that much as much as others do.
      I also liked his Starscream/Megatron interaction,Indeed the best one and for Thundercracker,Thanks to him he is the best anti-villain character in IDW comics.
      I am just not a big fan of what he did to Hunter O'nion.
    13. hyruk
      Barber may not be Roberts or Roches level but he is wayyyy better than Costa and McCarthey,He atleast tells tge story properly while connecting various plot threads and filling plot holes unlike Costa and McCarthy whose stories were not much interesting as those of Barber
    14. hyruk
      I guess only Roberts or Roche can fix that :P
      I am totally looking forwarding to Sins of the Wreckers to see how Roche writes her
    15. hyruk
      Well IMO,
      Arcee is written pretty well lately.Her portayal after Dark Cybertron is quiet great giving her a distinct and unique personality.
      Don't you agree?
    16. hyruk
      Talking romance,
      How do you think a romantic relation between Arcee and Prowl will go if they make it happen?
    17. hyruk
      I don't get ig
      Why are tropes and clitchesso imortant in fiction?
    18. hyruk
      What is your opinion on romance written in IDW Comics??

      I think they are written pretty well unlike the ones in the past especially Chromedome and Rewind's relationship in MTMTE and Swift and Barricade whoxh was had a small focus but was relevant to the plot.
    19. SMOG
      Well, it's kids' television, so they don't have that much of a budget... but they certainly pioneered the genre of "giant robot suit effects".

      I'm a big fan of good suit effects in giant monster movies, but it doesn't always work as well for robots.
    20. hyruk
      The specia effects used in Power Rangers seem a little outdates don't you think?

      Maybe they dont have the budget for it
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