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Dec 5, 2009
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Viewing thread Barricade, Hound, Bee, Prime CG Art, Feb 22, 2017 at 3:35 AM
    1. TwitchingFool0
      Hey man, haven't seen you in awhile.
      1. Sixshot93
        Yeah, I'm focusing on other things outside TFW at the mo. I still comment from time to time.

        Hope you're well too.
        Feb 4, 2017
      2. TwitchingFool0
        Just nice to see you around.
        Feb 5, 2017
    2. Galvatross
      Sixshot, have a merry Christmas! I hope to see you continue being a positive contributor to this site! Cheers!
      1. Sixshot93
        Cheers mate!

        Positivity is what we need in this world. And Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.
        Dec 24, 2016
    3. Primus Productions
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      2. Primus Productions
        Primus Productions
        Most likely.
        Dec 8, 2016
      3. Sixshot93
        Cool. Let's place bets on who'll voice ol' Megs. Coin toss - Heads it'll be Hugo Weaving, Tails its Frank Welker.
        Dec 9, 2016
      4. Primus Productions
        Primus Productions
        I really hope it's Hugo Weaving, His voice of Megatron is phenomenal.
        Dec 9, 2016
    4. Chopperface
      Agreed. Kate McKinnon and Holtzmann are the best. Kate is with a lucky woman, for sure.
      1. Sixshot93
        Yeah. You know, I don't watch much of her SNL stuff, but I like her Hillary impressions. Funny lady, she is.
        Nov 7, 2016
    5. QLRformer
      Cool artwork of Merlin.
    6. Hazekiah
      Howdy! Pleased as all hell to make your acquaintance! Hope you've been having a damned good time on the boards, lol. ;)
    7. Noversalrex1024
      I understand, I guess spoilers don't bother me too much. Still though, the surprise and suspense (absent in most Michael Bay films) of the first viewing of film.
    8. SunSwipe5
      I'm good thank you. How about yourself? Sorry it took awhile to get back to you. I didn't have my laptop handy and my phone can be a pain in the butt to navigate sites.
    9. Noversalrex1024
      It's all good man, I understand. You see the new photos, it looks like Barricade is back!
    10. primal789
      My pleasure,pal and thank you
    11. Noversalrex1024
      I'm confused? What? Edit: Nevermind, I just looked. I asked my mother again, she literally drove right by it apparently and it said Transformers 5 filming. It even showed on the local news (which station I wasn't told). And no, you weren't rude, and I don't cry on the internet because of what people tell me. I've probably heard worse said to my face.
    12. kaijuguy19
      No problem. :)
    13. Novaburnhilde
      Thanks. ^.^ That's very kind of you to say. ~ Nice to meet you, as well!
    14. Veritas Prime
      Veritas Prime
      No problem. You sound like an awesome person too. :D
    15. Starscream Gaga
      Starscream Gaga
      No problem! But what for?
    16. Red Goblin
    17. SilverOptimus
      Thank you very much. Always my pleasure. :)
    18. Sixshot93
      It's my birthday today! :D
    19. Galvatross
      G1, G2, Beast Wars, Beast Machines, RID 2001, Unicron Trilogy, IDW, Animated, Bayverse, Prime, Rescue Bots, and RID 2015 are all equally Transformers in my book, even if I have preferences for some over others.
    20. Galvatross
      Transformers would certainly still be around in some capacity without the movies. Would it be as big? Certainly not. They did create new fans. I'm very open minded when it comes to Transformers fiction. That doesn't mean I love everything, nor is any part of the brand perfect. The nice thing about Transformers as opposed to, say, Batman or Superman, is that the latter examples need to have those specific characters, while Transformers can really be anything as long as it has transforming alien robots that can think and feel. Factions and character depictions and alternate modes and human involvement or other organic or robotic species involved can vary considerably, yet it can still be Transformers as long as it has Transformers. That's a strength and not a weakness. It can adapt in ways many other toy and comic and cartoon brands can not.
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