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Jan 29, 2007
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Jul 16, 2018 at 4:57 PM
    1. DisCode
      Hey is everything okay? Not heard back from you
    2. Cha Chi
      Cha Chi
      Fyi messaged kapow and IF city commander is delayed to the end of the month because it is being shipped with conheads reissue.
    3. privatespoon
      You inbox is full mate.
    4. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      I was wondering what you wanted for your stray TetraJet - which Character it is, and if you still have the packaging and Instructions.

      Please let me know - I might be interested if you have anything else to sell too.

      Regards RAR
    5. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      I am trying to pay under £20.00 for the Minibots.
    6. privatespoon
      Hi. I'm trying to send a PM but you're box is full.
    7. pumpkingonzo
      Hope your journey goes ok tomorrow.
    8. Master Blaster
      Master Blaster
      3369 as I started this morning, I'm going to be minimal effort this time as I only hit out a max of 11 million against the lower ones. My two insecticon cards don't even make my deck!
      Minimal effort, I wish I could do that! lol I'm about 2,700 as of my last check. Slow on cubes when I do have them, there's no high levels to hit! What I'm getting through scanning seems to be some of the highest people are sharing, kinda sucks. No Beachcombers or Bumblebees yet :(

      I'd be really really happy to finish in the top 3,000. Having two TS R4- Gears and Huffer- would do wonders for my deck strength, since I have no TS R4s and a fair few MTM R3s. My deck strength won't go above ~7,500 outside of event buffs without some MTM R4s, so I'm really hoping this is my event!
    9. SwalSTAR
      Hey! Thanks for the heads up, I'm finding it really difficult to find threads and discussions. Is there a general UK discussion thread? And if so, how do I search for it? I've tried typing it in and nothing ever comes up, not even the UK Sightings thread.
    10. wasp819
      Dude clear some message space:)
    11. Skywarp SCS
      Skywarp SCS
      Did you get your Ratchet OK mate?
    12. Dansproject
      If that isn't you bidding on that WST Dirge test shot, I'll leapfrog over my WST Bumble!
    13. Dansproject
      Just curious if you have a DOTM Ark for displaying with your WSTs?
    14. Dansproject
      Bumble is one of my very favourites! Him and Grimlock, oh, and Heero Magnus(who blew my mind)
    15. Dansproject
      I thought it interesting that you found Astrotrain to be out of scale. I suppose he should really be the same size as a Dinobot, due to him being a Space Shuttle and all that! I thought Shockwave was a little too tiny, would have loved him much more had he been Dinobot size. Wish Heero would make Tracks, again. Haven't even seen one in years.
    16. simond
      I wish I did, I have a list of ones I have in my sig, if we can't work out here we could try google+ :)
    17. Dansproject
      Hi, do you know how to start up user groups? I'd love for there to a UK(or Euro) WST group for WST collectors, like us. It might actually inspire me to get the little monsters out of storage(and bug Metroplex and Scorponok with them!)
    18. wasp819
      Pmed you dude about rts tracks
    19. kcr0177
      offering 60$ for megatron paying for shipping also
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