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Jul 22, 2017 at 12:45 AM
May 31, 2013
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Sigmus Prime

Consistently Unamused, Male, 17, from Virginia, USA


I'm the kind of guy who goes back to posts from six years ago and gives them thumbs-ups. May 4, 2017

Sigmus Prime was last seen:
Jul 22, 2017 at 12:45 AM
    1. Olymprix
      Feel free to take over Fort Max at any time on Colonies. I left him limping back toward the National Mall after his fight w/ Hotbox.

      Unrelatedly, how's life?
      1. Sigmus Prime
        Sigmus Prime
        All right. Lemme PM ya.
        May 15, 2017
    2. Sigmus Prime
      Sigmus Prime
      I'm the kind of guy who goes back to posts from six years ago and gives them thumbs-ups.
    3. TFan2013
      that's fine
    4. Olymprix
      Glad to see you active again. How's life?
      1. Sigmus Prime
        Sigmus Prime
        Hey! It's not too bad. Not great, either, but not bad. I've been overwhelmed with school ever since it started, it seems, and given the general inactivity in the RPGs I didn't have much reason to stick around. Thankfully the ball appears to be rolling again in Colonies, so hopefully, I'll have a reason to be online more. I miss RPing with you guys.

        How's your life?
        Jan 28, 2017
      2. Olymprix
        Pretty decent, ATM. I'm in the same boat with school busyness and discouragement at the inactivity on the RPG forum. Kinda tangential, but Grim, GG, and Kyrios/Gundamexia have been keeping their own RPG, Tales from a Distant Star, chugging along if you're interested in joining.
        Jan 28, 2017
      3. Sigmus Prime
        Sigmus Prime
        Cool, I'll check it out.
        Jan 28, 2017
    5. TFan2013
      optimus responded in colonies!
    6. TFan2013
      frenzy is adorbs. :)
      1. Sigmus Prime
        Sigmus Prime
        Heh, thanks.
        Sep 27, 2016
    7. Olymprix
      Shouldn't you also reply to Exhaust as Starscream?
    8. Devaron9
      I think easiest way would be have him arrive in the office as Soundwave and the other cassetes come back from the lift escapade
    9. Olymprix
      Might want to upload your pic for Frenzy through imgur or something.
    10. moon moon
      moon moon
      Thank you! And yes, I did.
    11. Devaron9
      Well combiner lims are off limits atm, but I wouldn't mind another cassete like Slugfest, Frenzy or Howlback to hang with Soundwave.

      Though I suppose you could ask a mod if you take a part of Liokaiser, as he's only half complete,, although I'm not confident they'll make an exception. Also something to note with a combiner team is you'll need to communicate a lot with other members.
    12. Devaron9
      I think BB8 took Kickback, if it's not on the list, I'm not sure why.

      But if you talk to one of the mods and they say sure, then I'm fine with that. If not, why not take one of the deluxe Decepticons
    13. Thricewelcome
      Okay, that makes sense. I'll just say there is absolutely no information to find about him.
    14. Olymprix
      Please check in on Dissension
    15. God Ginrai
      God Ginrai
      I found it and it looks to be intact. I'll send you pics over Skype since that's easier to do from my phone.
    16. God Ginrai
      God Ginrai
      Given the fact that I no longer have a 07 Movie Voyager Ironhide and don't plan on having one at any point in the future, sure. I'll go and find it in order to make sure it isn't broken.

      Any other parts you might be looking for? My attic is like a treasure trove of misc. TF parts.
    17. God Ginrai
      God Ginrai
      Hey Sig, you say you need the roof/windshield of 2007 Movie Ironhide? I think I might actually have that part up in my attic.
    18. soundwaverulls
      Oh! Thanks for pointing that out.
    19. Olymprix
      Okay, just a suggestion.
    20. Olymprix
      Suggestion for eBay: Use in-hand pics, not stock photos. It proves that you actually own the figures and gives the buyer a better idea of the condition of the figure.
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    Sep 24, 1999 (Age: 17)
    Virginia, USA
    Hey there, my name is Noah. I'm a casual writer, artist, and avid gamer. I'm a proud fan of G1, Beast Wars, Prime, and the movies. I also like Lego/BIONICLE, Legend of Zelda, Dragon Ball, DOOM, etc. Most importantly I'm a follower of Christ.