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    1. mr convoy
      mr convoy
      mmmmm,because I want to have one figure of each character.
      I'm sure they gonna change galvatron alt mode (I wish he become a canon just like g1) ......and I'll defenetly buy that too so I don't want to end up with 3 Megs ~.~"
    2. mr convoy
      mr convoy
      Good evening ^___^
      I hope everything went well with you........
      mmmm, I have a hard decision to make.....
      which one do you think is better dotm megatron or aoe galvatron(takara version)?
      dotm megs looks tempting with the battle damage and the cape +his shotgun from aoe prime......
      on the other hand AOE Galvatron is how he is going to look in all the upcoming movies......
      what do you think?
    3. GoLion
      So the eye surgery wasn't that bad? I'm seriously considering it myself. I've always been reluctant because of the issue with my friend.
    4. mr convoy
      mr convoy
      did deal=did you deal*
    5. mr convoy
      mr convoy
      hi old friend ^__^"
      i’m sorry if i’m bothering you....
      but did deal with Big Bad Toy Store before ?
      i bought the takara version of evasion mode prime(ad-02) for 50$(my first tf purchase sooo exited dx) ,anyway i was surprised that the shipping wil cost me about 46$ ?! don’t you think this is too much even though i live at ksa ?
    6. mr convoy
      mr convoy
      that will be an honor for my humble report .
      Transformers:One Shall Stans One Shall Fall
    7. mr convoy
      mr convoy
      well Mexat now is just a mere shadow of it’s former glory anyway.......
      i wrote about the transformers there if you want to take a look i’ll send you a link....i made lots of mistakes though.......
      :wink: i look forward to meet up with you here~
      :tongue:Happy Eid by the way
    8. mr convoy
      mr convoy
      nice to see you again ^__~"
      just few days ago some member there posted one of your posts(about a manga or a comic page that contains a lot of words and conversations and you used a transformers comic for an example ) so i asked him about you......and here you are!!:wink:
      man!....we miss you there:o
    9. mr convoy
      mr convoy
      Hi ^__^
      How're you ?........
      Mmmmm..,,, are you shinobi from mexat ?
    10. ParaChomp
      Do you know who shot first?
    11. Venixion
      I died laughing at your pic of Kong trying to make Godzilla "eat his vegetables" :lol:
    12. SeanTF1967
      Saw your tech support thread,

      You can just leave the link, so people can click if they wan to view.

      If you want a spoiler box without typing, just click the red do not sign and it gives you a spoiler box, (the one next to the quote.)
    13. algo448
      It's from the Nanoha Vivid manga, an omake in Chapter 12.
    14. spartan 3764
      spartan 3764
      .. Me too! I'm trying to date one!
    15. spartan 3764
      spartan 3764
      I like Monacles!
    16. spartan 3764
      spartan 3764
      Hello good sir!
    17. Shortwave
      wierdly enougth i just got Aliens colonial mariens i know what you mean about the eyes.
    18. spartan 3764
      spartan 3764
      Sometimes i see tour post and yell SHIIIIIINNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOBBBEEEEEEEEEE!
    19. Underwear
      Assalamu alaikum brother :)
    20. spartan 3764
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