Jun 22, 2004
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Jumpin' Jellyfish!

Super Mod
    1. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127
      hahahaha Anna riding Slug with a pool noodle. :lolol
    2. QLRformer
      I think you may enjoy this: Frozen MMD - Thriller - YouTube
    3. QLRformer
    4. Meta777
    5. Yggdrasil
      Love your sig :D
    6. Meta777
      Merry Christmas!
    7. plowking
      Merry Christmas!!
    8. Meta777
      The only thing that comes to me in a shower is the idea I've forgotten something. Which is typically followed up by my mother telling me I forgot to do *insert chore here* XD

      Three pieces? Frozen certainly has you in an icy grip! :lol
    9. Meta777
      Meta tends to have that effect. Best of luck :3
    10. Meta777
      To fight monsters, we built snowmen :P
    11. Meta777
      It's so relieving for her, I can only imagine, when she can finally toss aside the crown and the cape and be free to use her powers openly and without fear of any collateral damage. Beautiful moment right there.

      Also, I have to give her credit; she can create absolutely exquisite art (and sentient life) with just a wave of her hands. That takes some phenomenal imagination and structural awareness :lol

      And speaking of imagination, check out this crossover picture, featuring another favourite film of mine, Pacific Rim;
    12. Meta777
      I agree it's nice to have a film that knows what is and plays with it faithfully and lovingly. For whatever its title and the Queen's specific element, it's a very warm film, particularly its message of love being able to blow away the storms :D

      Oooh, its effects were gorgeous, but of course. Elsa's forging of the ice castle is nothing short of phenomenal; the levels of intricacy and detailing in both the creation of the structure and the structure itself is fantastic! And that's just one, what, two-minute scene?! Amazing :D
    13. Meta777
      Such a gorgeously detailed and crafted story. The songs ranged from heartmelting ("Do you want to build a snowman?...") to hilarious (Oh Olaf) to fantastic (How many people create freaking ice castles whilst singing?!), the visuals were beautiful, the characters were very fun and interesting and I was very very refreshed that the plot focussed primarily on the rebuilding of the sister's relationship rather than the usual romance :D

      All in all, a fantastic film. Happy snowmeta ahoy :D
    14. Meta777
      I check your site recently and I'm like: LOL what is all this frozen?

      And then I watched Frozen and now everything is sense.
    15. Superquad7
      Ah that's better!
    16. Superquad7
      ¿Si? ¿No gusta?
    17. Meta777
      Ooooh maaaan. I hope I packed some revives X_X

      It's easy to dig the art. Never mind my fondness for the female form, it's bright and colourful, often times humorous or outstandingly badass. A lot of traits I enjoy are found in your galleries, Prime :D

      One of my favourites of which being Ty Lee easily outmatching Azula's bet and earning an extra buck :lol
    18. Meta777
      Shibaruma Prime used Waterfall! It's super effective!

      Oh, and also, your Storm picture is awesome. Always happy to see an update from you :D
    19. Meta777
      Remember when I said I could never look at donuts the same way again?

      Well guess what now I can never look at waterfalls the same way again either.

    20. Superquad7
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