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Jul 2, 2017
May 23, 2010
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Sharpius Prime, Male, 24, from Leeds, UK

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Jul 2, 2017
    1. Primewave
      never knew you had a blog lol
    2. Primewave
      Sharpius Prime that's actually a cool name
    3. Primewave
      I posted new info on mirage and wheeljack in the forums
    4. Primewave
      I just read on Eastwood Clinton's youtube channel (the guy who does the video updates of DOTM) and he said that nelson said that Mirage and Wheeljack's names are going back to their original names (mirage and wheeljack lol)
    5. Primewave
      I am hoping to watch it a soon as I can Wednesday. Eastern Standard Time. I am going with a few family members to watch and hopefully in 3d so I am saving up (could be saving for Leader Sentinel Prime)
    6. Primewave
      Can you believe DOTM is 6 days away? I feel like it's going to get upstaged in a few weeks though
    7. Primewave
      YouTube - ‪Transformers Dark of the Moon Fan Trailer 3 Iridescent‬‏
    8. Primewave
    9. Primewave
      Hey do you know how to use spoiler tags?
    10. Primewave
      No problem. Did you see the trailers I made?
    11. Primewave
      I got a request. When you see the movie. let me know if Wheeljack and Mirage keep their names and if the twins are in it
    12. Primewave
      Your trailer is awesome, I to made a trailer for dark of the moon
    13. Primewave
      If this were the case and everyone in the cinema is thinking "it's going to be over soon", then BAM, space battle - only the most bowel controlled Transformers fans would fail to shit themselves.
      I had this theory after seeing Jukion TF3 concept art a while back is that Chicago is the first leg of the final battle and something that Shockwave wants is there, he gets what he wants and heads to cybertron where the autobots follow him on the discovery shuttle (omega supreme or Teletraan1, or The Ark 2), the crash land on the planet of junk and gain the ally of the junkions and head to cybertron to stop shockwave from activating Unicron
    14. eagc7
      im fine, Kinda bored and transforming my HFTD Jetblade
    15. eagc7
      why dont u talk to him?
    16. eagc7
      But well lets See (i hope he is lying :()

      so how are ya?
    17. eagc7
      Haha, mine's the same picture now too.

      The hairs stood up on the back of my neck where, in the article, the writer says ''s merciless.' Oh my fucking god!

      And it's confirmed by Bay now too, NO TWINS! Woooo!
      he can lie you know back in 2009 he kept saying Megatron is not in ROTF, and guess what HE WAS in ROTF
    18. eagc7
      Let's keep adding to it!

      And I'll actually add something to the pot worth talking about here as well. I had a debate earlier in this thread (page 2 I think) about the release of Rio in the UK with an Irish guy, and I was convinced it came out THIS Friday. He stated it had already been released. But, I was right and Rio isn't released until the 15th in the UK. I'm not sure about it's release date in the US or other countries, but since Rio is a Dreamworks picture, DOTM may be attached to it...
      Rio is not a Dreamworks film its Blue Sky and 20 Century fox film
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