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May 25, 2017 at 4:51 AM
May 25, 2008
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Shark Jumper


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May 25, 2017 at 4:51 AM
    1. UltraAlanMagnus
      Oh man, that Avatar of yours. How did you do it?
    2. Eurobeatking
      Ah ok,so just someone asking for review on here? Was that it?
    3. Eurobeatking
      Like when you mentioned you were returning stuff,it was an awkward request? Did they ask you to do a review when you returned it or what that just someone asking you to do a review? Thats what I meant,hope it clears that up a bit.
    4. Eurobeatking
      I was curious as to what you meant by someone asking you to do a review?
    5. TheProSlayer
      Just got my Generations Windblade at the Walmart on McFadden. Ther's another one if your interested.
    6. TheTFReview
      Will do, I have the Megatron figure, it's very fun!
    7. soundwave144
      just wonderin' saw you on the local thread...thought we had a new guy to meet
    8. soundwave144
      are you in Arkansas?
    9. SideswipePrime
    10. SideswipePrime
      Sadly, I haven't. I'll be sure to let you know if I find anything, though. :D
    11. gokuz23
      I do need a shockwave
    12. gokuz23
      yeah i need both :)
    13. Spyshot2007
      I never see these messages :( sorry...I know you already got shockwave though
    14. ersico
      i feel ya, ya its a very easy removal :) otherwise i wouldnt have done it :)

      for leather head, i used glyos male and female parts to add rotation to the wrists
    15. ersico
      hi :) the head is sorta plugged into a removealbe seat like piece of plastic....easy to remove. basically unscrew the back screws and separate the front and back of the chest/back. remove head holdy thing and rescrew :)
    16. OCProwl
      I didn't find Shockwave....
    17. thedrknss48
      I don't care for Blaster and I already got Grimlock. I just ordered the Kreon combiners a bit earlier. I guess I should've waited...
    18. thedrknss48
      Yeah, Grimlock's tail pretty much sucks, its big and no articulation. In fact, he doesn't have that great articulation altogether, he doesnt have ball joints but instead of really tight...i don't know what they're called but looks like cogs. Every time I try to move his shoulder back in place i feel like I'm about to snap it off, I have to hold down the part to ensure i don't bend it too far and then get his arm back in place.

      However, he does display nicely in robot mode once you do get the pose.
    19. thedrknss48
      I agree, he's definitely not too bad. I can overlook his hollow back unlike TFP Knockout, he was just terrible. However, as much as he's not that bad, I can tell I don't enjoy the mold enough to buy Takara's Skywarp. But I'd also love to complete the trio.
    20. TheTFReview
      I actually don't, maybe i'll make one since i'm going to start doing transactions a bit more frequently. Thank you for the Kabaya OP. I really needed something to do tonight and asked for Kabaya toys for xmas (which I didn't get) so it worked out perfectly. If you have any more let me know and i'll pay for some.
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