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Nov 30, 2005
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TF Museum Curator, Male, 38, from Kansas City, Missouri

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Jul 24, 2017 at 6:46 PM
    1. G.I.EDDIE
      Howdy. Do you mind measuring the width of the TW treads?
    2. Sentinel
      Yes, yes it is.

      I love BW and got my start collecting on my 18th birthday with Airrazor. Very shortly thereafter I went back to TRU and just had to get the leaders, Primal and Megs, then I found some combiners which I had to have, then I a few more of the on-screen characters, then I ... went nuts and bought the entire line and the rest is history.

      I will have been collecting for 19-years next month and while I was a huge fan of G1 as a kid, Beast Wars brought me into the franchise and got me collecting.
    3. Jetbolt
      So after reading some of the posts you did about MP Primal. Is the screen name due to Beast Wars having the Maximal's security system named Sentinel?
    4. moreprimeland
      Hey, saw the pic of your new ride... VERY NICE!!! Grats!!! :thumb
    5. Fallout
      how many rotf primes do you own? are any of them G1 flavored?
    6. SeanTF1967
      Would my thread on Optimus prime be news? Just wondering if I worded it correctly
    7. Redwings
    8. Moy
      Hey buddy, pardon my ignorance but what's MM stand for in Prime1 BB?
    9. flik68
      do you know if the server is messing up? I keep having problems loading pages.
    10. Matty
      News credit for you!
    11. Lord N
      Lord N
      incredible collection are you collecting TFP toys
    12. jru42287
      I might be able to handle it. Maybe I can just try it on my Amazon Jetwing first, that way I can still get a replacement in case I eff it up. Haha.
    13. jru42287
      I would be so afraid of screwing my Prime up. Haha. But I'll bet it looks awesome. If you still have the link to the tutorial, that'd be awesome!
    14. jru42287
      Hey, I was looking in the APS-01 feedback thread and saw that you said you switched out the LEDs on your Primes to make them have blue eyes. So, I have two questions for you:

      1. How hard is that to do? And
      2. Where can you find blue LEDs?
    15. MegaTfman
      Do you still have Defender, how much, and are you willing to ship to Australia?
    16. Wasabi Kid
      Wasabi Kid
      Hi with all your extra Hercules pieces would u be willing to sell any of the purple gun pieces to enable me to expand the chest shield at all?
    17. Axel990
      Can said contact score a Leadfoot n Wheeljack for I? =P
    18. sodawilly
      Just sent your Madblender fix parts out. Have a great day!
    19. G.I.EDDIE
    20. Neo-Prime
      Hey!, your huge display case is amazing! You have to tell me what The full dimensions are to that amazing case! pleas?! lol I have to get a custom copy of it for my collection! Lol so could you tell me the height, depth and width of it?
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