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    1. Shepard Prime
      Shepard Prime
      lol! no worries. It's been so long I forgot I'd sent that. We should make this a thing. We'll send a message to each other once a year just after the Super Bowl abou the Raiders.
      1. seanlockyer
        Hey, I might have to change my signature!

        Maybe Bucs-Raiders part 2 in the SB ?
        Dec 10, 2016
    2. Shepard Prime
      Shepard Prime
      RE: your sig.

      Oh, the pain for the Raiders started much earlier than that. It's just winning the SB would've made the following decent into mediocrity worth it all. :lol:

      To this day, I still think we were hosed on that first trip to the SB with Gruden's Raiders with that bad call. The following year we were unlucky enough to have had to face the one team that knew our playbook due to Gruden being their coach (which wouldn't have even been there had Al Davis not fired him. smh.
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    I feel bad for the Raiders and their fans. They have great fans and their home games look like a cos-play convention but my God, ever since that SB ten years ago that entire franchise has been awful....