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Jun 22, 2017 at 11:41 AM
    1. Autoboticon
      I'll take a mew if you have one mate.
    2. LegoTFGuy
      Nevermind, I got it figured out. Thanks though.
    3. LegoTFGuy
      Would you happen to still have any of the bags from the FNaF Hanger/Figures you got?
    4. Autoboticon
      Before we got any news about Sly 4, I always thought beforehand that Bentley was going to accidentally be sent back in time and during the opening/closing cutscenes to each episode, would be Bentley witnessing the ancestor of that time period and their team (who you play as) to pull off the heist they are most famous for, and as he left due to the time portal reopening gradually he would see the a familiar sihoulette (Clockwerk), until he ends up witnessing Sly's dad's death. Then of course the past 3 games.....leaving Bentley with more thought about the time he and Sly have spent together. Then have the fifth game be a back in action type game.

      I honestly want to see Penelope's story of why she is doing this to lengthened and focused on in the next game. I felt it was rushed, out of nowhere and filled with holes. But I understand she did it solely for blaming Sly for the events causing Bentley's paralysis, yet still.
    5. Autoboticon
      Ya, I want a new game too, leaving off at that cliffhanger, well, I really want that to be resolved.

      Were you hoping that all the ancestors were going to be in that game...cause I was.
    6. ironjazz
      I added your friend code
    7. prfctcellrulz
      Since you have Pokémon Y, would you be willing to trade your Mewtonite Y for my Mewtonite X? You don't have to trade Mewtwo, just place the stone on a low-level Pokémon you have.
    8. prfctcellrulz
      Do you have Pokémon Y?
    9. eagc7
      I thought dispensor was rumored on a Hasbro toy list from a while back..?
      no he wasnt, the listing Dispensor was at was the Takara Tomy lising. the Hasbro Deluxe listing consisted of the figs shown at Toy Fair Plus Lockdown and Stinger
    10. Jhiaxus666
      How come your dad won't let you come by and see my collection?
    11. eagc7
      Only Optimus will come in USA
    12. eagc7
      Legion was called Legends before DOTM was released

      and yes
    13. eagc7
      cyberverse sideways
      theres no cyberverse Sideways, Cyberverse was introduced in DOTM
    14. Zigholtul
      I'm eagerly await for movie Wheeljack/Que in toy form, both versions to be exact.
    15. Scypris
      Hell yeah my favorite bot!! :d
    16. TFwheeljack223
      hahaha we have the same avatar, Que RULES, right
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