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Aug 30, 2014
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Aug 30, 2014
    1. solusprime19
      Hey dude. Long time no see. what's been up? you been collecting?
    2. Ironhide1234
      Hey Scorpio! How's you're movie edit project going? I can't find the thread :P
    3. EnergonWaffles
      That sounds really much of each movie are you taking out? Like 30 mins or more?
    4. EnergonWaffles
      TF:ROTF abridged? Havent heard of that before- is that a rewrite of ROTF?
      Glad you're feeling better, and I'm alright. Busy with job hunting and everything else, but it's a good kind of busy
    5. EnergonWaffles
      hey haven't seen you around much. How you been?
    6. electronic456
      Oh cool. Yeah, I see your point.
    7. electronic456
      I still wonder why your profile lists your TF generation as 'Film Series' even though you don't like the TF movies.
      I remember asking you the question on one thread. But that got deleted and I never got to know why.
      Just curiosity. :)
    8. EnergonWaffles
      Thank you very much Scorpio!
    9. EnergonWaffles
      when are you seeing the movie? You're one of the few I'd trust to post a truthful spoiler heavy review
    10. SilverOptimus
      Thanks for the "Forgotten Memories" video. It's awesome. :)
    11. solusprime19
      bro, your post are funny, yet info-heavy. (looks at friends) I love this guy!!
    12. solusprime19
    13. solusprime19
      Hey, BTW, did you notice that the voyager class Grimlock looks rather sleek? It doesn't exactly invoke Bay like the previous lines. In fact, the sleekness looks more like a Prime figure than anything!
      The silver, the sleek legs, split part on the shoulder, detachable tail staff THING, plus not to mention his robotic t-rex mode, makes me think this is going to be a Botcon exclusive Beast Wars Megatron somehow. Any thoughts on this?
    14. TheSoundwave
      Hey, I'm curious, it says on your profile that the film series is your favorite TF generation, but you seem to dislike them? Just wondering, in fact, it seems like we share similar opinions on the movies. :)
    15. solusprime19
      You know, I kinda like you. I may not agree with you (though that's an understatement in many cases) but you support your opinion with facts, and say things how it is without being offensive. And I say, So what if we don't agree on anything? Most people don't anyway.
      So you don't like the movies. Well I'm okay with that. I completely respect it. And I hope we can all accept each others opinions here. So hows about it buddy? Friends?
    16. eltonlin98
      Dude you've been getting a ton of flak lately, and that's pretty disheartening.

      Just want to let you know I respect your opinions and such and it's always nice to see you chime in, regardless of whether or not I agree with your opinion and perspective. Don't let those who attack you personally bring you down.
    17. Superquad7
      Yeah, that'll help us get to those things quicker. Thanks for your help!
    18. Superquad7
      Staff took care of this before I could get to it actually. Just make sure you're using the report bad post feature for these. This sort of thing is unacceptable.
    19. Livingdeaddan
      Your thread seems to have disappeared, did they have you up for disputing Mod's decisions?
    20. eagc7
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