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    1. kaijuguy19
      I'm just trying to understand why you do that often. I want to get my facts straight because I didn't want to accuse you something that you weren't doing at all. I get that it is a discussion but we have to remember that thread is supposed to be about opinions not many people agree with or even get annoyed at so us discussion those opinions will make us look like we're getting on them for having that opinion. I've learned that the hard way in the past and if you're not careful it'll happen to you too.

      I didn't mean to but again we had that diccusion long ago like you said and I was expressing an opinion of mine that seemed unpopular at the time when it came to the use of CGI. I mean yes I get that you think that the Prime faces are bland but to me it isn't. It's just trying to do a different approach and it works for some and others it doesn't like you.

      Again I didn't mean to get on your case but you didn't had to responded to my post and I shouldn't have responded back too.
    2. kaijuguy19
      May I just ask you something mate?

      Why do you often take a shot at someone else's opinions on the Unpopular opinions thread? I mean some of them aren't really poking at you the first time around so why do you at times use counterpoints on thier opinions?
    3. kaijuguy19
      Good for you! :lol

      Yeah again it could be just me. . In a way I guess I'm having some moments of how it's a little hard to like a show and it's characters that you're into when a lot of people it seems hate them to a great degree and bash them almost constantly.

      Though I'm not letting it get to me like in the past though.
    4. kaijuguy19
      Okay then..... :lol I hope you won't get accused of being seen as crazy on my part. :lol

      Anyway as you saw I delete my last post becuase I didn't want to risk being in trouble for replying to an opinon that I don't agree with. Maybe it's just me but I think Prime's being viwed as a horrible show is getting to be a very popular opinion latley.

      Again I may be wrong and I could be overreacting.
    5. UltraAlanMagnus
      Futurama is Awesome. What is noticable that Phil LaMarr assumed the Role of Aquaman in Young Justice. Plus, they both voiced Gorilla Grodd as well. I'm still not going to forgive Bat-Mite changing his voice in the Final Episode of Batman the Brave and the Bold. He states that Aquaman is the Breakout Character (AKA Fan Favorite) in the series.
    6. UltraAlanMagnus
      I know you're not much of a Fan of John DiMaggio (which is cool by the way), but I'm sure as a DC Fan like myself enjoyed his portryal of Aquaman right?
      Aquaman's Rousing Song of Heroism - YouTube
      It is of course outrageous.
    7. Fallout
      re: energon combiners having three molds each

      tfwiki says that hasbro had two options for the end of the energon line's budget: three sets of two basic molds and one deluxe, or two sets of two deluxes. this is going off memory so it's probably not totally right, might wanna look it up yourself. haha.
    8. Soundwavedredd2
      Sorry to be rude but iam almost finished so can u please tell me when u r going to send an audition vid
    9. Soundwavedredd2
      Here they are
      Optimus,Megatron,Starscream,Shockwave,Trooper (Drone),Barricade,Dreadwing,Bummblebee,Cliffjumper,Mirage(Dino),IronHider,Perpector and Rachet.
    10. Soundwavedredd2
      send me a vid of auditions
    11. Soundwavedredd2
      r u helping with my tf series
    12. TylerMirage
      Sorry to hear that. :(

      I'm pretty sure I've never even directly responded to a post from you, let alone trolled/harassed/been negative about it. :o If I have, I'm sorry. Your posts are always so lengthy I'd just as soon simply read them than respond to each. individual. point. like many seem keen too. :)
    13. TylerMirage
      Why am I on your ignore list? ;)
    14. UltraAlanMagnus
    15. bellpeppers
      I dig the picture also... and I am sure it irritates the more rabbid of the movie fanboys.
    16. eagc7
      ah kk (prime)

      and yeah thats true (twins)
    17. eagc7
      Just saw the first two episodes on YouTube yesterday after I noticed a page for it on the wiki. I have mixed opinions of this series...

      The good: They actually had an origin for the characters the show is focused on which right off the bat got me into the series better than Prime did.

      Of course they got a Peter Cullen Optimus Prime again which is always nice.

      The bad: Optimus Prime is barely in the show at all as it focuses on Heatwave as the team leader. Also the little kid design of the character doesn't really fit the normal heroic sounding Optimus Prime. This Super Hero Squad Show where the characters are also cute versions of Marvel characters including voices to match the cute little kid art style.

      While on the subject of design, has anyone noticed that these robots have a lot in common with Go-Bots. Referring to the fact that rather than having cool looking helmets like a Transformer, they're robots with hats like the Go-Bots were. You can especially see it on Heatwave who is wearing a fire chief helmet that fits his vehicle mode which is something a Go-Bot fire truck would do.

      Speaking of Go-Bots, one of them is named Bolder. As in the leader of the good guy Rock Lords from the Go-Bots movie. And before they scan vehicle modes he even kinda looks like his Rock Lord name sake. OK I'm getting back to design now I gotta move forward not backwards.

      So lets move forward with the other thing I don't like about this series. No Decepticons. This show is set up like another little kid Transformers series based off a Pre-School Transformers toy line. Specifically the OTHER Go-Bots cartoon. Go-Bots (cartoon) - Transformers Wiki

      Of course then I come here and find people claiming it's part of the Prime continuity which makes it all that much worse. Seriously, you want proof they're not in the same continuity, open your freaking eyes and look at Optimus Prime.


      We've seen flash backs of Orian Pax on Cybertron and he already looks similar to the design style of his Earth form. This design from WFC looks NOTHING like that there for they can't be the same character.


      He's a long nose semi with a long detail-less face and a slit for a mouth.


      He's more like G1 Prime with the proportions of Animated Prime (Minus the chin as his head is actually quite short.) and a retracting face plate that shows a hinged jaw just like all the other Rescue Bots.

      In short, THEY LOOK NOTHING ALIKE! No way in hell are they the same character. These are obviously 3 entirely different incarnations of Optimus Prime. They can get away with changing the art style and design if they keep it in continuity with the other mediums but there's just no way that this fits together.

      You have to go from Prime Orian Pax, to War for Cybertron Optimus Prime, to Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime, to Prime Optimus Prime, to Rescue Bots Optimus Prime. It just doesn't work because Prime Orian Pax has to come AFTER Fall of Cybertron for that design to make sense with his Prime Earth mode. And if the design came after then the story wouldn't make sense because then he couldn't be Optimus Prime in either of the games.

      Megatron likewise was already in his Prime form BEFORE Orian Pax became Optimus Prime which means he NEVER changed alt modes on Cybertron like his video game counterpart.

      You wanted proof that it's not in continuity, there's your proof.
      The character design have nothing to do if they are in the same continuty or not. character can look different always and yet be the same guy (look at some comics and such, they lall look different to ther original counterparts, yet they are the same guy)

      example, look at optimus on one of the G1 Comics

      few comics later

      HE LOOKS Different, but that doesnt means he's a different guy, he still the same optimus from the first pic. so Just cause he looks different it doesnt means they arent in the same continuty

      Also look at the Unicron trilogy Optimus

      Yet, Same guy
    18. eagc7
      Skids and Mudflap were kileld along ironhide offscreen

      Also while Jolt is not not listed as being in the movie it was never shown that he died in RotF so we could assume that he is either just never on camera or died some time between movies.
      Jolt was killed by shockwave 2 years before DOTM happened
    19. eagc7
      As far as the movie continuity goes there is no original 13. There is only the original 7 Primes. There aren't 6 other original transformers running around some where, they were never mentioned in the movies so they don't exist.
      Hasbro said in their 2009 or 2010 Q&A that in the movieverse there were 13 Original tfs, BUT Only 7 were primes
    20. eagc7
      The idea that Megatron was a Prime is mostly taken from Revenge of the Fallen.

      The Fallen states that only a Prime can kill him and given that the Fallen is a Prime that means that only a Prime can kill another Prime.

      Megatron actually kills Optimus Prime which would seem to indicate the comment about them being brothers was literal.

      Plus according to Revenge of the Fallen "Prime" is a family linage. The Fallen and the other 6 original Primes were all Brothers and Optimus was the last descendant (until Dark of the Moon when Sentinel Prime was brought back to life.)

      Optimus being the last Prime is something that shouldn't be taken literally because The Fallen who is a Prime himself is the one that said it so I take it to mean the last Autobot Prime.

      It's at the very least, strongly hinted that Megatron is a Prime. Sentinel Prime was said to be the leader before Optimus but it has also been said that Optimus and Megatron ruled together before Megatron's lust for power corrupted him. This is kind of a stretch but Sentinel Prime could be their father.

      Also given the fact that movie Primes are all family it's not a title that can just be given to anyone like in other continuities. Optimus, The Fallen, and Sentinel are all confirmed Primes. Megatron is strongly hinted to be a Prime. And there are 6 unnamed Primes in the movie continuity.

      Also, Megatron Prime isn't that far off. War Within The Fallen, according the back of his Titanium box, his original name was Megatronus Prime. I don't really accept toy bios as evidence nor do I believe they're even the same character but sense the Wiki and several fans want to insist that they're the same character I thought I'd throw that out there.
      NO. Fallen didnt said that a prime can only kill a Prime. He said a Prime is the only one that can defeat him (Him, you know the fallen).

      (If the prime can only kill a prime was true then how come sam could kill Megatron?, so yeah Only A prime can DEFEAT the Fallen)
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