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    1. eagc7
      and yes i am aware some stuff can be fake, but thing is that those ARE real news. heck there was even a video interview with Tobey Mcguarie in where he talks about Spidey 4 delay (before it was lfushed to the toilet).
      Tobey Maguire Talks 'Spider-Man 4' Delay - YouTube
      Tobey Maguire Talks about Spider-Man 4- Four Days Before It's Cancelled - YouTube

      there we go, Spider-Man 4 was in fact beign made. if it wasnt tobey would've said they never were doing one
    2. eagc7
      fourth spidey film was indeed in development, but was cancelled as we all know in favor for a reboot

      John confirmed he was indeed casted for Spider-Man 4 in an interview made after Spidey 4 fell apart, confirming 1. Spider-Man 4 was real and 2. Vulture was gonig to be in it
      John Malkovich Confirms he was the Vulture in Sam Raimi’s SPIDER-MAN 4 | Collider
    3. eagc7
      actually TF4 is not a rumor, they are indeed doing a new film. dont belivie me? check the news then!
      Transformers Movie (Just Movie) - Transformers News - TFW2005
    4. UltraAlanMagnus
    5. UltraAlanMagnus
      Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you... John DiMaggio as THE JOKER! - YouTube

      I remember you posting a comment about Joker.
    6. schloboticus
      Hello there... I've been tinkering with my PRID Arcee, and I came upon your old post where you said, "The only thing I can't quite figure out is why there's an extra joint for the hand bars/gage assembly that doesn't seem to serve any real purpose."

      I have a theory, and sorry if you've since heard this/figured it out yourself. If at one point in the design process they intended the handlebars to rotate in towards the gas tank, then I think there would be enough clearance to rotate the whole windshield assembly down. The smaller of the curved cutouts of the "wings" I think would sit around her shoulders, and the backpack would be compressed even more. I don't have the balls just yet to clip my handlebars to see if this works... but maybe someday. If you look closely at the handlebars, you can even see that they attach with like molded circles that almost look like a pin would have fit in. Anyway, at the very least I hope I shed some light on a mystery.
    7. UltraAlanMagnus
    8. UltraAlanMagnus
      Since you go on to TFwiki, I founded a couple pages you may like.

      Joker - Transformers Wiki
      Batman - Transformers Wiki

      Im sure you like the humor that they have right?
    9. ABH1979
      Yep, and Helex, Vos, and Tesarus.
    10. ABH1979
      Yeah, he's the leader of the "Decepticon Justice Division"; a team tasked with hunting down traitorous 'cons and making examples of them. All of the DJD take their names from cities of Cybertron, notably, those that have significance to the Decepticon cause.
    11. ABH1979
      It's Tarn, but that Decepticon Insigia is just a mask; and he may end up being an old classic 'Con. That image is from the most recent issue of "More Than Meets The Eye," and it's a truly awesome TF comic. You should check it out.
    12. UltraAlanMagnus
      Well, the IMAX Showing had like extra Footage or something. But in the End It was great.
    13. Haloid1177
      I have every episode. I rewatched it. It isn't Jonah in the chair.
    14. UltraAlanMagnus
      Love your Thread about the Batman Movies. I went to go see the film earlier this week in IMAX, and it was a huge win.

      Let me guess, you saw it IMAX to?
    15. Haloid1177
      You are. He didn't have the same facial features, and Jonah was hunting down the other guy that isn't Ra's. So Ra's felt like he abandoned his sun, which is why he came back for him. Pretty clear.
    16. Haloid1177
      In regards to the talks of Riddler and Joker...

      Because he is saying that the the villains, such as the Riddler, are better than any of the Nolan's villains because those are too realistic. Which I disagree with.

      In regards to the BTAS episode...

      No, no, no. You read too much into that. Duvall was his son. He was who Jonah was after. And Ra's made the effort to save him even when he was in prison. Look, you can have your opinion. But when every single other person besides you says it's Duvall, not Jonah, and not just on these boards, you're wrong. And Jonah, at the end of the episode, turned Duvall in. So why would he do that if Ra's was his target?
    17. rxlthunder
      This is a no reply message.
      Ra's al Ghul - DCAU Wiki: your fan made guide to the DC Animated Universe
    18. kaijuguy19
      I didn't say I was really afraid of posting my opinions. It's just that there are times which I feel nervous of doing so nowadays. Then again that's how life works. Even if you did nothing wrong there will always be people who'll have a problem with you.
    19. kaijuguy19
      Okay then. I just wanted to know if you're aware of that kind of risk. Maybe it may be me being afraid of voicing out my opinions after what I've did in the past.
    20. kaijuguy19
      To be quite honest saying that Prime's a boring and bland show isn't really an unpopular opinion anymore. If you look carefully it seems that a lot of people think the same way you do. Again I may be wrong but it seems that viewing Prime as a medicore show is being a popular opinion nowadays.

      While that's true that not everyone's going to agree with you and maby ehave a bit of a problem with you it would help if you do your best to not make it worse the best you can. Again I've learned that the hard way.
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