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Ryan F

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Dec 16, 2018 at 6:07 PM
    1. Omegashark18
      It’s been so long, I just have to ask, any chance of an update to the blog? Cause some of us are getting antsy.
    2. DarkWarGrimlock
      Thanks for the post calling out the casual transphobia in the Megatronia thread. I've found a lot of these posts disturbing and it's weird to see them go unmentioned. I thought about mentioning it myself, but I didn't want to start any sort of flame wars or anything, nor did I want to bring about a feeling of "me against the TF community." Anyway, I like your IDW read through thread, and I'm glad you're a cool person about social issues, too.
    3. GoLion
      It's funny with the way you talk about the comic versus the TV show. My family didn't own a TV when I was young, so my first exposure to the Transformers was the comic. It's weird how we view the transformers based on how we were first exposed to them.
    4. GoLion
      I actually did know about the cancer being latin for crab (as well as the constellation stuff). It also makes sense with masterforce, but I could swear their names had something to do with the Zodiac as well. Maybe the chinese Zodiac.
    5. GoLion
      I don't have a problem with what you said, but I really have to disagree that there are not enough minorities within the fiction. I think we're represented fairly well within he fiction. Minus Carbombya of course.

      I think DC comics, until recently, had far more of an issue with a lack of minority representation.
    6. The1980sMan
    7. The1980sMan
      My name is Ryan F too Ryan Freeland
    8. The1980sMan
    9. Aernaroth
      That box-set in your sig is like some perverse mexican standoff.
    10. Nemisispath
      is your signature poking fun at sludge getting the shaft in FoC?
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