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Ryan F

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May 19, 2018 at 3:38 AM
    1. DarkWarGrimlock
      Thanks for the post calling out the casual transphobia in the Megatronia thread. I've found a lot of these posts disturbing and it's weird to see them go unmentioned. I thought about mentioning it myself, but I didn't want to start any sort of flame wars or anything, nor did I want to bring about a feeling of "me against the TF community." Anyway, I like your IDW read through thread, and I'm glad you're a cool person about social issues, too.
    2. GoLion
      It's funny with the way you talk about the comic versus the TV show. My family didn't own a TV when I was young, so my first exposure to the Transformers was the comic. It's weird how we view the transformers based on how we were first exposed to them.
    3. GoLion
      I actually did know about the cancer being latin for crab (as well as the constellation stuff). It also makes sense with masterforce, but I could swear their names had something to do with the Zodiac as well. Maybe the chinese Zodiac.
    4. GoLion
      I don't have a problem with what you said, but I really have to disagree that there are not enough minorities within the fiction. I think we're represented fairly well within he fiction. Minus Carbombya of course.

      I think DC comics, until recently, had far more of an issue with a lack of minority representation.
    5. The1980sMan
    6. The1980sMan
      My name is Ryan F too Ryan Freeland
    7. The1980sMan
    8. Aernaroth
      That box-set in your sig is like some perverse mexican standoff.
    9. Nemisispath
      is your signature poking fun at sludge getting the shaft in FoC?
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