Oct 6, 2014
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    1. peddlerofwine
      I do! Official, 3rd party and got a couple of KOs. I also collect CHUGs, which I initially collected before being dragged into MP line. You strictly an MPer? I see you in a lot of threads
    2. GuardianAngel87
      Yeah, it has been a while. Sorry about that.

      Doing fine. How are you? :)
    3. Majestic Senzu
      Majestic Senzu
      Cool :)

      I have recently gotten back into collecting TFs, so I am still attempting to catch up with a few things I missed. Unite Warriors Devastator was my latest acquisition, and it's just freaking amazing. I always had a soft spot for that lime green/purple construction guy.

      I have my eye on a few MPs. I don't have any yet, but I'm thinking my first purchase will either be Ironhide or MP-10 Optimus Prime.
    4. Majestic Senzu
      Majestic Senzu
      I noticed that you collect MPs...what is your favorite?
    5. Majestic Senzu
      Majestic Senzu
      It's going quite well. :) Just spending the days relaxing and watching Netflix, lol.

      What about you?
    6. Haydenite
      Lol, doll !!!
      You know I thinking of some sort of juicy comeback, then I realized, it doesn't matter what I say... Morpheus really is a doll !!
      Ohh, my secrets out now !!!! Thanks !!!
      You're a funny women :D :D :D
    7. Haydenite


      It's not that funny but the seat was just too perfect for Megs :D
      And thanks for the compliment :) you're pretty cool as well :thumb
    8. Novaburnhilde
      Hey Ruizu, hope you're doing well with stuff at the moment.
    9. Haydenite
      BTW, just want to say thanks for adding me to your circle of friends. And sorry I didn't say thanks earlier. :)
    10. idkwdya
      Thanks lol!
    11. Fallout
      awh man, okay lol. thanks anyway
    12. Fallout
      hey, do you still have your apollyon for sale? i can't buy at this moment, just want to know if should save up ;)
    13. QLRformer
      You're welcome. :)
    14. GuardianAngel87
      Of course. Tied with Beast Wars/Beast Machines as my favorite Transformers series overall. :)

      Unfortunately, I haven't got a chance to see any of the episodes and thus I don't have a real opinion on it. Did find out about the first season RID 2015 being available to watch on Netflix not too long ago though. Will watch it once I have a good chance to do so.
    15. GuardianAngel87
      Yeah, Star Trek is a kind of franchise that one does not truly appreciate until one gets older. Hell, at this point, I don't mind the idea of getting my own copies of Star Trek film II, III, IV, and VI on DVD since they are that good. As of now, I'm up to the fourth season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I have already seen the original series, the animated series and the six movies that featured the original cast.

      The very last TF toy that I bought is Generations Rattrap.
    16. GuardianAngel87
      I am still, more or less, of a fan of Star Wars. Just not so much anymore because its fandom around here really drove me to this point and I also feel that in recent years the franchise has become a shell of its former self ever since Disney has the rights to it and by this point, it's nothing more than over-glorified fanfiction and not in a good way and that in some ways it's dead to me. So yeah, it's its fanbase I really hate. Funny thing is I'm more of a casual viewer when it comes to Star Trek (I have an older brother who is a huge fan of that franchise) and I am starting to see the appeal of it especially on some of the their best episodes and movies. I'm making my way through all of its shows and movies albeit slowly but surely. I can pretty much thank my brother and Linkara's video reviews whenever he talks about this franchise for that.
    17. GuardianAngel87
      You're welcome. :)

      Could be a bit better. How are you?
    18. Mizzinno
      Hey, sorry. I was never notified about your message.
    19. alphatron10
      im good just a little sad
    20. Fallout
      oh sorry, thought i replied! nah i think i'll pass for now. thank you tho.
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